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The ‘Annabelle’ Sequel Has a New Title…

Annabelle 2 SXSW

Introducing Annabelle: Creation.

It was just announced that  Lights Out director David F. Sandberg’s Annabelle 2, the sequel to the smash hit The Conjuring spinoff that will come to life on August 11, 2017, has a new title. As shown above, Creation implies that we may be seeing some sort of origin story to the haunted doll!

In Annabelle 2, “Several years after the tragic death of their little girl, a dollmaker and his wife welcome a nun and several girls from a shuttered orphanage into their home, soon becoming the target of the dollmaker’s possessed creation, Annabelle.

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The full cast includes Talitha Bateman, Stephanie Sigman (Spectre), Talitha Bateman (The 5th Wave), Lulu Wilson (upcoming Ouija 2, Deliver Us from Evil), Philippa Anne Coulthard (After the Dark), Grace Fulton (Badland), Lou Lou Safran (The Choice), Samara Lee (Fox Catcher, The Last Witch Hunter), Tayler Buck in her feature film debut, with Anthony LaPaglia (TV’s Without a Trace) and Miranda Otto (Showtime’s Homeland, The Lord of the Rings Trilogy).

Sandberg directs from a screenplay by Gary Dauberman, who also wrote Annabelle.

Trace saw some footage at the SXSW Film Festival. Here’s what he thought…



  • Mavis Zene

    You know what, I’m giving this one a chance. It’s predecessor was garbage but this one looks decent, so far.

  • ForskinCutter

    Should have been called Craptaion

  • Vesuvian Villain

    Better titles might have included:

    Annabelle 2: Why?
    Annabelle 2: Cash In
    Annabelle 2: Someone Shoot Me In The Fucking Face

  • That title is so generic and sounds a little bad. I would prefer something more simple and generic as Annabelle 2, Annabelle: The Origin or Annabelle: The Beginning.

    • Creepshow

      It’s official title will be named…
      Annabelle: The End

      • They confirmed the next titles:
        Annabelle: The End Continues
        Annabelle: The Prequel of the Prequel
        Annabelle: The New Beginning
        Annabelle vs Chucky
        Annabelle vs Teletubbies
        The Fifty Shades of Annabelle
        Annabelle: The Musical
        Annabelle: The Remake
        Annabelle: The Reboot… Because the remake was sh*t
        Annabelle: The New sequel because stills being a box office success

        I bet how some porn studio will do a porn parody with a better name or a crossover with Chucky haha

        • Creepshow

          Well done, Pedro. Well done.

      • Fred Hopkins

        It’s official Creepshow is a dumbass. We already knew that though.

        • Creepshow

          Sick burn, Poopy-Pants.

      • Saturn

        Don’t you mean Annabelle : End.

    • DarkBree

      But these titles are very cliche. This one is at least original, even not being so good.

      • Yes they are very cliche, but I don’t like how Annabelle: Creation sounds.

        • DarkBree

          I see your point. Maybe Annabelle: The Creation or The Creation of Annabelle? I don’t know.

          • The Creation of Annabelle looks really good 🙂

          • DarkBree

            Thanks 🙂

  • Jeremie Jayzik

    I hope they pull a Ouija 2 and make this one good.

  • Vesuvian Villain

    Usually when they make an origin prequel it’s because people are interested in finding out how they came to be. This one is rare because absolutely nobody gives a shit. Whatsoever. She was the least interesting thing about the Conjuring. James Wan was still fapping about the creepy dolls from his shitty Dead Silence movie and threw lame ass Annabelle into the Conjuring like a used condom. Never deserved it’s own movie to begin with. Hilarious.

    • Munchie

      Thank you for speaking for all of us. It’s refreshing to find someone who realizes that his or her voice speaks the opinion of the masses.

      • Vesuvian Villain

        Hey thanks buddy, it’s refreshing to get positive feedback that isn’t at all sarcastic or smarmy, just a nice, straightforward assumption that I don’t realize my opinions are just opinions.

        P.S. I take everything back I said before. Everybody loves Annabelle and it’s shitty sequels except Munchie. Munchie hates them all. I know this because I speak for Munchie.

        • Munchie

          Silly me, re-reading your comment now, it should’ve been very obvious to me when you wrote ‘Absolutely no one gives a shit. Whatsoever’ you just meant yourself.

          • Vesuvian Villain

            Again, no, I just meant you.

    • Nahuel Benvenuto

      i dont get it, The Conjuring was good but extremely predictable tough very nicely shot and made, why a spin off? and why a sequel? and why another spin off of the sequel? and why a prequel of the spin off, it really was that sucessful? it sounds ridiculous, and man do Deadly SIlence was terrible, the twist didnt even made sense, it came out of nowhere

      • Vesuvian Villain

        Exactly. Exactly to all of those things. James Wan is great at making sure a horror movie looks good. That’s about it. I enjoyed the Conjuring as a James Wan movie. I knew what I was in for so I lowered my standards and it turned out better than most Wans. There was still horrible acting and expository dialogue and characters were still doing implausible dumbass things but it at least seemed cohesive where Dead Silence was all over the fucking place.

    • zob rombie

      I kinda liked Dead Silence. The one he made with Kevin Bacon though, it’s my favorite.
      Kick ass revenge movie. I could watch revenge movies all day.

      • Vesuvian Villain

        I feel you on the revenge movies and I remember seeing Death Sentence and then being shocked James Wan had anything to do with it because it seemed like a quality film. Then again Kevin Bacon and his Kevin Bacon face can achieve most things.

        I think it helped that James Wan was only directing and not writing the thing. Example: wrote & directed Dead Silence, wrote & directed Insidious 2, wrote & directed Conjuring 2. I’ll give Wan credit on atmosphere of horror and setup of cheap jump scares but dude can’t write a movie to save his life.

  • diapers

    I have it on good authority that all the Wan flicks will get tied together in a finale/mashup. Working title: “The Conjuring of Annabel the Dead Silent Nun, Origin Thereof”.

    • Strapline:

      “You never Saw this coming”

  • Khy

    Sounds like a DVD fearurette

  • Anthony Gulino

    destined to suck

  • Another prequel. Another shitty title. YAWN

  • HAHA. Was expecting Annabelle: Origin but this is close enough

  • zob rombie

    Annabelle is one of those movie I might accidentaly watch just to realize, 10 minutes in, I’ve already seen it.

    • Matt Graupman

      This is absolutely the best description of “Annabelle” I’ve ever read.

      • zob rombie

        Cause you probably know what I’m talking about, right? Happened to me with a couple of horror movies along the way.

        • Matt Graupman

          I definitely know that feeling. After watching all the good horror movies on Netflix (which didn’t take long), I watched a bunch of the lower-tier films. It was so long ago that I’ve turned them on since then, only to realize I saw them already.

          • zob rombie

            It’s a strange feeling when you realize it. It’s like, what the fuck.
            It’s worst than a bad movie, I remember the bad movies I saw at least.

  • REC03

    Annabelle: Annihilation

  • Blood Boil

    If people stop paying for this shit, they will stop making it.

  • Vesuvian Villain

    This is long. Don’t read it. Here’s my beef with killer doll movies. It’s not even about the obvious fact that you can overpower a doll one on one at any time, possessed by Brad Dourif or not. When I was a kid, I had a babysitter who collected old dolls. So I went through that nightmare and my guess is that James Wan did also, because he’s obsessed. They ARE creepy as fuck, but it’s about age, wear & tear. The wig gets lost, the head and face cracks, one eye stops working, and there’s like 100 of them so as a kid you’re thinking all these fuckers could jump you at any time.

    But here’s the thing. None of them look like Annabelle. Because if a doll ever looked like Annabelle, nobody would buy the fucking thing or pass it around. Too ugly. It takes you out of it. All the creepiest dolls looked normal once upon a time. You have to believe somebody would want the doll at some point. Giving it a scary ass face defeats the purpose. If the thing has Annabelle’s face there’s only two places it would go. Collected by someone specifically looking for scary dolls no one wants or a landfill. In a movie that matters because to ignore that idea is insulting to the audience, and the plot becomes laughable. Then you’re in Chucky territory.

  • zob rombie

    WE all have our own way of coping with the awful.

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