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Hour-long Video Shreds the ‘Ghostbusters’ Remake

If you needed one reason for the Internet to exist it’s to be able to watch Red Letter Media’s reviews of the Star Wars prequels. They’re witty, funny, and vicious reviews of the films that are backed up with tons of behind-the-scenes footage and interviews. Honestly, I’ve yet to find anyone more thorough Mr. Plinkett.

While there are a handful of other reviews that have surfaced over the years, this is the most excited I’ve been since they shredded Star Wars. In the below video, Mr. Plinkett takes on Sony’s Ghostbusters remake that was directed by Paul Feig and stars Melissa McCarthy, Kristen Wiig, and Kate McKinnon. Plinkett is on top of his game in the following video, absolutely ravaging the remake; here he digs into corporate sponsorship (even noting that the Coke brand is missing from the Papa John’s scene because it’s a conflict of interest with Pepsi) and the idea that Feig shouldn’t have written Ghostbusters being that Wiig was the writer on the award-winning Bridesmaids.

It’s true that I’m a fan of the Ghostbusters reboot but I’ll be damned if Plinkett doesn’t convince me otherwise. His attention to detail and ability to back up bad decision after bad decision with making-of footage and press interviews is on another level. For an hour-long video, this is way more entertaining than the actual film and I highly recommend getting yourself some Papa John’s and watching it with some snarky friends. Afterward, if you haven’t seen the Star Wars videos yet, treat yourself because you deserve it…



  • niuq

    I was going to watch this… but then the voice started and I thought – I don’t know if I can put myself through this. Then it completely lost me when (and I’m not a champion for Fieg) he says Freaks and Geeks is boring and unfunny. Stop. Freaks and Geeks was amazing, and I don’t trust this idiot.

    • Hank_Henshaw

      The person that voices Mr. Plinkett is actually a fan of Parks and Rec and The Office (not sure he has ever said anything one way or the other about Freaks and Geeks). Plinkett, later in the review, admits he actually liked Spy and Bridesmaids. It’s very likely the Freaks and Geeks jab was to troll the fanbase. Mr. Plinkett is supposed to be a controversial character (not for nothing he is a racist, illiterate, mysogynist, serial killer).

      • Jarle Solbakken Fremstad

        A fictitious racist, illiterate, mysoginistic serial killer reviews movies? That sounds like about four ideas too many rolled in to one desperate attempt at attention and youtube views. I’ll comment further after watching the video.

        • The Drucifer

          Whether or not you like the character the reviews are typically on point. The final moments of the Crystal Skull review is a gem. The titanic review is also quite good.

    • Justin McGill

      yeah.. as much as I don’t like some Feig projects.. I would go to the mat on Freaks and Geeks.. so he’d definitely lose alot of credibility on what he might think.. now don’t get me wrong.. not a super Feig fan.. but give the man his due as well.

    • Claes-Michael Karlberg

      Freaks and Geeks, Spy, Parks and Rec, The Office; I liked all of those so I stopped watching after he somehow tried to use those as examples to discredit Fieg. I however agree that the Ghostbuster remake was really bad.

      • FutureEvilEx

        For the record, later on in the review he says he liked “Spy”.

  • Count Geekula

    I liked the 2016 movie. It had its problems and wasn’t a patch on the original but I still laughed a fair bit and was reasonably entertained. Plus I’m a BIG fan of Kate McKinnon. But even though I liked it I’m still open to genuine criticism of it. Problem is almost all genuine criticism of Feig’s film has become lost amidst the frankly horrendous misogyny that erupted around its release. And one look at a lot of the horrible comments beneath the Plinkett review on YouTube shows that this is still very much the case. Sad.

    • Justin McGill

      sad but true.. Anyone who didn’t like the film just kind of went MEH.. because.. if we’d gave it the thorough ripping we REALLY wanted.. we would be labelled woman hater.. and whatever else.. and don’t even say Wonder Woman was NOT the greatest film of 2017.. I actually am going with The Big Sick.. and Wonder Woman while fun.. felt like a well acted.. but still very much remake of Captain America.. which in itself borrowed alot from the director’s own The Rocketeer.. but anyway.. yeah, sometimes just keep your head low and try and avoid the sharpnel. lol

  • MpB

    I’m 40 minutes in. This is fantastic. Far more entertaining than the actual film, and it makes a lot of insightful points.

  • James Allard

    I made it about 15 minutes in. That was enough, thanks. Every single Marvel (I do go to other sites) asshole has been shrieking like Ned Beatty in a forest about how Zack Snyder has Ruined Film For All Time because of the desaturation of color… and here this “sleeps on a pile of dirty laundry” person is … whining? Can we charitably call his delivery whining? about the opposite. Yeah, well, some people liked this film. Not this whining sleeping-on-a-pile-of-dirty-laundry “critic”

    I would imagine he actually lives in a van… down by the river…

    • Tiger Quinn

      It would be good if you looked into Mr. Plinkett’s whole “thing” before commenting foolishly on it.

      • James Allard

        No thank you. I had heard enough and chose to treat his words with the same lack of consideration he brought to the table.

        • Dracula Guest

          Mr Plinkett is a fictional character, but I understand that RLM’s style of humour isn’t for everyone. I would recommend skipping ahead to the 20 minute mark as that’s where he really starts to make the salient points.

          • James Allard

            That I may just do. I was tiring of the constant whining about product placement… it is so constant anymore that I just ignore it. I will definitely have to consider it, thank you.

      • Justin McGill

        why should we have to look into something.. THAT is exactly how he presents himself.. and I agree.. I found it hard, and nauseating, to take him seriously. even when he had valid points with the prequels.. he wants to be an “entertaining” personality.. some people are entertained by him (I assume) others, nauseated. Some people just don’t like the schitck.. I feel the same way about The Angry Video Game Nerd.. sure.. he has some good points.. but? I think his schtick sucks ass.. just my opinion. No need to fight over it.. its just how I feel, others feel different.. and that’s ok.. because.. we’re good enough, smart enough.. and doggonit.. people like us

    • Michael85

      Take Zack’s cock out of your mouth.

      • James Allard

    • Hack Snyder

      Zack is a hack.

  • moebius2249

    I didn’t realize that movie had so much dancing. It’s almost like it wants to be a chick flick.

  • BBurr

    I heard this was absolute trash so I’m glad I’m able to watch this far more entertaining version.

  • Bart Crowe

    Didn’t think about how Kristen Wiig actually wrote Bridesmaids. That movie was legit hilarious. I feel that Wiig would have definitely done a better job writing a Ghostbusters remake than what we got. Not saying she would have written a good Ghostbusters movie just a better one.

    • Jarle Solbakken Fremstad

      Paul Feig has apparently gone on record claiming that men are not funny so why he then chose to write a comedy script is beyond me. Wiig is hilarious, I’ve like her for quote some time and I was actually hyped for this remake until I saw the trailers.

  • Pf Mahan

    It was a pile of dung movie made with unfunny women who thought they were being funny and directed by a man pretending to be a man, Plinkett’s review was right on, this movie deserves the worst , may it burn in hell

  • Lady Bathory

    I couldn’t watch the YouTube vid due to that annoying voice…
    I’m really not a fan of the new Ghostbusters. When I saw the very first scene with Kristen Wiig, I thought, alright, I like where this is going. But after a couple more minutes, I realized that the ‘book scene’ and the ‘that’s obviously who I meant’ scene were the only funny ones in the film.

    Also I hated (!!) how Paul Feig and Sony promoted the film. ‘Love this film or else you’re a misogynist!’ That’s not how you get audiences to love your unfunny work. No one said ‘Love Get Out or else you’re a racist’, and that’s because Get Out, which was seen as a ‘liberal film’ (although that’s kinda bs in my opinion) was actually decent. There was now need to guilt-force people into liking it.

    • Hardcore F’n Mudd

      Thats the character, Mr Plinkett.

    • nrkist

      Hrm, you seem confused.

      Mr. Plinkett is the alter-ego of a guy at Red Letter Media. He is SUPPOSED to be an obnoxious and pedantic, basement dwelling, pizza-roll eating, soiled shirt, internet troll. It’s a solid wink and a funny gag.

      Yet, often his pedantry is pretty spot on and surprisingly in-depth to the point of absurdity, which the Mr. Plinkett character/delivery really sells.

      I get that I’m not going to change your mind, but this video has more solid jokes packed into ‘a couple minutes’ than the entirety of Ghosterbusters(2016). If you sat through that film, you deserve to get some actual laughs out of it. Give the video a shot!

      His Star Wars prequel stuff is awesome too. If you thought everything has been said about how awful the prequels were…you are wrong by about 4 or 5 hours worth of examination according to Mr. Plinkett.

  • KSE1977

    Come on Brad, if it took an online review video almost a year later to make you realize that Ghostbusters 2016 was a dumpster fire, and not the fact that said movie was in fact a dumpster fire, what hope do we have for you? I wish there hadn’t been such a petty “racist, sexist” bs controversy going on, because the movie was objectively bad and I cannot help but think that had people been able to no enjoy it without that controversy, then they would have been able to be intellectually honest with themselves and others that the movie was bad. Instead we saw battle lines drawn up and folks sold their souls to virtue signal because they didn’t want to be viewed as sexist or racist. I wish you had been able to rise above this, because I didn’t even see a “so-bad-its-good” movie in Ghostbusters 2016.

  • Eh. I don’t need a review to tell me the remake was shite. Anything made as a “people pleaser” tends to be.

  • McGilli

    Ghostbusters was one of the funnier movies I’ve seen this year. I think that reading this site – and the billions of negative comments about it – helped me to go into it expecting nothing – and come away with a fun two hours. Plus – I know it helped that the original movie – I don’t consider to be the Holy Grail – which many comments over the year have seemed to indicate. To me the original was a fun movie when I was a teenager, but doesn’t make me laugh now as an adult like this new one.

    Much like the remake of Vacation. Times have changed, humour has changed – and humour from 20-30 years ago doesn’t make me laugh as much any more. Plus, the new ghostbusters is I think refreshing – having a daughter – to have a movie that finally has some funny and at times strong female leads in the movie. Honestly they could have called the movie Ghost Warriors or anything – and not related it to GB and I think it would have been better received.

    • Tony Torres

      one of the worst shits I ever seen in my entire life… it sucks in so many levels that it’s almost impossible to find anything that could be saved… except for the idea of a group of ghost hunters with weapons to neutralize the spirits, this idea is so awsome… and they ruinned… it’s an heresy…

    • DickJonesOCP

      Please refrain from exposing your daughter to such garbage. I would suggest Wonder Woman.

      • Awesome Welles

        Btw, most of the aicn talkbackers have moved to The Man Who Saved Movies now. Just FYI.

        • DickJonesOCP

          I had to kill Harry for making a mistake…

  • Mark

    What the fuck is that idiots voice lol sorry but I can not watch the video because id wanna smash his mouth in

    • Hack Snyder

      Mr. Plinkett’s voice is intentionally annoying, he’s a caricature of basement dwellers.

  • ClarkNova4

    Wait, isn’t this the movie site that used to slurp Feigs cock, including the balls, for months? Now suddenly they throw shit at him to join the people who didn’t need a video explaining to them how shitty Ghostbusters was? You pathetic wannabe journalists really need to grow a spine. But I’m not holding my breath

  • Christopher Nickerson

    I made I through the whole 58 minutes of the review, I didn’t make it through that much of the actual movie

  • Gjk2012

    Jesus! Your still talking about this piece of shit movie that flopped?

    • MpB

      We’re actually talking about a detailed review and analysis of a piece of shit movie that flopped.

      • nrkist

        BTW, to anyone annoyed by Mr. Plinkett’s, Rich Evan’s character’s voice, there is some historical basis for it. Demosthenes was known to be a sorta long winded pedant with some sort of speech impediment. It was suggested he practice with marbles in house mouth, by an actor of the time, to improve his diction.

        This may or may not have been genuine advice, but Demosthenes took it to heart. He might have been one of the first people in history to have been ‘trolled’!

        He would do this in public speaking according to Plutarch…and he was, ironically, generally more well received. It’s a bit of a funny anecdote that is possibly apocryphal, but it does sound like Rich Evans has something in his mouth when he delivers his Mr. Plinkett character, a lozenge or something, and could be a call-back to histories first windbag.

  • Hack Snyder

    Great review.

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