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Hour-long Video Shreds the ‘Ghostbusters’ Remake

If you needed one reason for the Internet to exist it’s to be able to watch Red Letter Media’s reviews of the Star Wars prequels. They’re witty, funny, and vicious reviews of the films that are backed up with tons of behind-the-scenes footage and interviews. Honestly, I’ve yet to find anyone more thorough Mr. Plinkett.

While there are a handful of other reviews that have surfaced over the years, this is the most excited I’ve been since they shredded Star Wars. In the below video, Mr. Plinkett takes on Sony’s Ghostbusters remake that was directed by Paul Feig and stars Melissa McCarthy, Kristen Wiig, and Kate McKinnon. Plinkett is on top of his game in the following video, absolutely ravaging the remake; here he digs into corporate sponsorship (even noting that the Coke brand is missing from the Papa John’s scene because it’s a conflict of interest with Pepsi) and the idea that Feig shouldn’t have written Ghostbusters being that Wiig was the writer on the award-winning Bridesmaids.

It’s true that I’m a fan of the Ghostbusters reboot but I’ll be damned if Plinkett doesn’t convince me otherwise. His attention to detail and ability to back up bad decision after bad decision with making-of footage and press interviews is on another level. For an hour-long video, this is way more entertaining than the actual film and I highly recommend getting yourself some Papa John’s and watching it with some snarky friends. Afterward, if you haven’t seen the Star Wars videos yet, treat yourself because you deserve it…




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