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Schwarzenegger Confirms Return to ‘Terminator’ Franchise

Arnold Schwarzenegger is a pretty candid dude and doesn’t have to answer to anyone. He didn’t beat around the bush as to why he won’t be appearing in Shane Black’s The Predator and he’s been speaking openly about his involvement in the next Terminator film. Even though creator James Cameron doesn’t regain his rights until 2019, he’s already made a deal with the current rights holder to produce a brand new trilogy. It’s already been revealed that the plan is for Deadpool‘s Tim Miller to direct and that Schwarzenegger could return in some capacity but there are still a lot of gray areas.

Here’s the latest, courtesy of Schwarzenegger, who tells The Playlist shooting is to begin next March.

“In March next year, I am shooting Terminator 6, James Cameron and David Ellison are back on board and then comes a Conan.”

There are a few reasons this is interesting with the first being that Cameron doesn’t receive the rights back until 2019 but it already so far along that they plan to go behind cameras next spring. What really caught my attention, however, is that Schwarzenegger calls the next film Terminator 6. This would imply that the new trilogy will remain canon with the previous five films, although it’s unclear what incarnation of Schwarzenegger we will see in these new films – or what time period/dimension it will take place in.

No matter, I think we all trust in Cameron to find a way to take the franchise to new and more advanced places that align with modern technology and theories on space and time. He’s now twice (T2 and Aliens) been able to up the ante with a franchise, can he come in this late in the game and do the same once again with the sixth Terminator? That would be legendary.



  • Matty Ice 2016

    Dear God No!!! Why ? This franchise has been destroyed. Please have mercy and let it stay dead.

  • Nicolas Caiveau

    “What really caught my attention, however, is that Schwarzenegger calls the next film Terminator 6. This would imply that the new trilogy will remain canon with the previous five films”

    He calls it Terminator 6, because it’s the 6th Terminator movie, that’s all. It will obviously be called something different. The movie can’t be “canon with the previous 5 films”, except as an alternate timeline, since Genisys isn’t even set in the same chronology as Salvation. Its future is not the same.

    • pablitonizer

      Definitely! It’ll probably be called TERMINATORS … gosh

    • Hardcore F’n Mudd


  • pablitonizer

    Such a shame! Let Terminator rest forever, Cameron will be just a bit involved, it’s not like he’s directing it. My God, have mercy on T fans, let it go once and for all!

    • Master99

      I never understood why people hate sequels to or remakes of their favorite movies. It doesn’t make the original non existent, so why does it hurt so much if they make a sequel or a remake that you don’t agree with? Some people may enjoy it, so why not just not watch if you don’t like it?

      • Saturn

        I agree – although T3,4,5 aren’t on a par with the original 2 movies, it doesn’t take away the fact that the first 2 were great.
        I have to admit that I haven’t disliked any of them so far – and consider Gen to be my 3rd favourite of the series.

        • Master99

          Yeah it would be hard to argue that 1 and 2 were not by far the best of the series. Personal I rank it T2, T1, T5, T4, T3. I hope T6 is on par with the fist two, but I won’t hold my breathe, and as long as I get some good special effect, lots of action and a decent storyline, I will be happy.

  • Creepshow

    Meanwhile…moviegoers confirm that they won’t.

    • Matt

      This one will. 🙂

  • Master99

    I have enjoyed all 5 terminator movies, and I am sure I will enjoy number 6 as well. I am not sure why there is so much hate for the last 3 sequels. Maybe the story lines were too complex for some, maybe they don’t like the choice of actors/actresses? I am not sure why all the hate. I personally like that each sequel is different enough from the other terminator movies that they don’t blend together like the transformer/fast and furious movies or call of duty games.

  • Richard

    Who knew horror fans were such crybabies? I certainly didn’t. In my opinion bring on a 6 7 8 even a 9. 1st 2 were great. People didn’t like 3 because of the recasting of John connor and I get it. But it was a good movie. 4 was a whole new take on it and I loved it. 5 brought back Arnold and I remember watching this with my wife at the drive in before we were even married and loved it. My advice to movie fans everywhere is to First stop hating on it as soon as there is an announcement, like you all just did, and second, stop acting like a damn critic. Finally, enjoy your movie with popcorn so your not hangry.

    • Hank_Scorpio


    • theundead

      You deserve award man totally agree with you

    • I wish I had low standards like you :/

      • Laven Pillay

        So…based on the guys comment about enjoying – as entertainment, he didn’t say they were the best movies ever made – a series of movies which you didn’t like, you decide he has Low Standards ? This is the problem with “the internet” – people like you making such broad decisions about someone you have little to no idea about. Grow up, mate.

        • > “people like you making such broad decisions about someone you have little to no idea about.” —Did you not read his comment?

          He basically says all 5 are ‘good/great’, all basically the same. By that standard, comparing 3-5 to 1-2 is laughable. And I reiterate, I wish I had low standards like that because 1-2 are all time classics.

          • Laven Pillay


            1. So, to you good/great means “basically the same” ?
            Cos to me, using a scale of 1-10, 6 is good and 8 is great, which gives a range of at least 3. i.e. NOT “basically the same” – which is yet another assumption of yours.

            >> 1-2 are all time classics
            I agree with you there.
            But does “classic” mean “absolutely brilliant” ? No it doesn’t.
            Sure 1-2 are “classic”, but they’re also flawed.

            Bear in mind, I’m not even arguing with you about the quality of the movies – just about your statement about the guy having low standards.

            I think we can agree that our standards are _different_ but that doesn’t automatically mean that YOU have high standards and everyone who doesn’t agree with you has low standards.

            And since you brought it up, —Did you not read his comment?
            He said :
            1 and 2 were great
            3 was good
            He didn’t even give a rating for 4 and 5
            And yet you said “He basically says all 5 are ‘good/great’, all basically the same.” which is just untrue.
            But you probably believe what you said, and that’s what makes these conversations on the internet hilarious 🙂

          • Ahhhhh yes, the passive aggressive commenter. The irony is outstanding lmao.

            (By the way, you missed what he said about 4 & 5 :))

          • Laven Pillay

            >> the passive aggressive commenter.
            Sure, you can call me that – doesn’t make it true :p
            Also, I prefer to see myself as a “bullsh1t caller outer” 🙂
            I totally have fun with folks like you 🙂

            What he said about 4 and 5 : He said “i loved it” – that’s not the same as saying “it was good/great”. We can love/enjoy something that we know is Bad/Flawed. Sure, maybe I’m being pedantic, but I’m erring on the side of NOT assuming the person “has low standards”, whereas you didn’t even try to ascertain what exactly he meant before slagging him off.

            C’mon, at least try to interpret People and English better 🙂

            PS : i can do this for days. Keep going if you think you actually have something worthwhile to add other than slagging people off – otherwise, maybe accept that you may have misinterpreted what the guy meant ? Don’t even have to apologise, just be more aware of Your Opinion versus Fact, and try not to do it too often 🙂

          • > Also, I prefer to see myself as a “bullsh1t caller outer” 🙂
            I totally have fun with folks like you 🙂

            > PS : i can do this for days

            The irony & PAC continues!!! Too funny, keep going!

          • Laven Pillay

            Pfft. That the best you can do ? Its not even funny or challenging. Yawn.
            PAC ? Powerful, Accurate Commenting ? Oh stop it, you’re too kind ! 🙂

    • Jason Z

      I agree with everything you said except for 3. It wasn’t that great because of the lame john connor.

  • Matt

    If Arnie is in, so am I. Also looking forward to a King Conan movie!

  • Mark

    No thanks sorry but he is the reason they are flopping..other than the crap writing….it needs to be totally new without him

    • theundead

      Sweetie hush up

  • GunsOfNavarone

    Oh god, make it stop. Genisys was so bad that is was embarrassing.

    • theundead

      Here’s a solution don’t watch it

      • Hardcore F’n Mudd

        This is the most overused comment on the internet. It really is a useless reply.

        • GunsOfNavarone

          He’s likely a millennial. It’s their favorite comeback.

        • Laven Pillay

          Useless ? Its a 100% accurate option to “avoid being disappointed” by something you’re moaning about even before we have details, so why is that “useless” – its seems like pretty good advice if you’re already so put off by it. 🙂
          PS : Just saying something “is useless” does not make it true.
          You may be under the illusion that your opinion is always correct – watch out for that… 🙂

          • Hardcore F’n Mudd



            Its a lazy and predictable reply.

            Comment #1 “I was very disappointed by the new *insert name here* film”

            Comment #2 “NOBODY MADE YOU WATCH IT”

            It makes for poor discussion and leaves people unable to voice their opinion.

            finally, you imply that avoiding all movies means you wont get disappointed – Why not watch the films you want and form your own opinion?


          • Laven Pillay

            You got all so many things wrong in such a short response – amazing.
            It clearly shows that no matter what we write, you’ll read/interpret it your own way. Fascinating.

            You’re probably like Trump – reality actually turns into something you prefer/want as it approaches you 🙂

          • Hardcore F’n Mudd

            haha American politics in reply to an Irish man in a comment section on a sci fi article on a horror website. Wow.


          • Laven Pillay

            Politics ? Where ?
            I mentioned the name of a “famous delusional person” – and you saw that as “politics” ? You just proved my point !! 🙂

            PS : Lets make it more fun – I’m South African. So lets call it a South African reply to an Irishman on a sci-fi article on a horror website – whats your point ? 🙂
            Seriously – what is the point of that statement ? And you say others are making “useless comments” – you are one of those people psychologists can have a field day with !
            C’mon… more ridiculous comment from you, just to cap it all off – go for it 🙂

          • Laven Pillay

            Oh man, I’m still laughing at you 🙂
            Try this : replace “Trump” with “Kanye West” – my point about you being delusion/having a different relationship with reality still stands.
            Wheres the politics in that ?! You’re hilarious 🙂
            Again – just saying something does NOT make it true. 🙂

        • theundead
        • theundead
      • GunsOfNavarone

        Congrats on one of the internet’s lamest cliches. Here’s another for you, in the style of your comment….”If you don’t like my comment, don’t reply to it”.

  • Scott Willson

    There is no way this is happening. Not with Tim Miller anyway. He just lined up NEUROMANCER as his next project and I feel sorry for whatever director they hire to make this doomed piece of shit.

  • EvilWhiteMale

    They may as well have Clint Eastwood play a Terminators as well.

  • French Predator

    fuck them, boycott

  • Oh, boi.

  • mintap

    Bring back Shirley Manson, Summer Glau and Garret Dillahunt!

  • Josh Nitsche

    I made a future war fan edit using all of the films if anyone is interested. I replaced Jai with Michael as much as possible.

    • Weresmurf

      It’s ironic that you can see the quality of the production dip, the closer to modern day it gets huh? Older terminator movies were so much more effective imho. Guess it’s those practical effects. Btw, great video 🙂 You blended it all really well 🙂

  • Ramoach Gamestream

    He wasn’t in Aliens…

    • Samuel Garvin

      The subject of the sentence was Cameron, and he did direct T2 and Aliens, which both fared better than their first movies.

      • Ramoach Gamestream

        You’re right, initially thought it was talking about Arnold. Both those movies rocked for sure.

  • john smith

    I think it’s safe to say that both of those franchises should be referred to in the past tense. I watched the most recent Aliens and although I love the franchise, it’s pretty obvious that the series has run its course. Just because it was a good idea doesn’t mean that it has inexhaustible avenues to explore and maintain its quality. The Back to the Future rights holders knew that and kept that from ever becoming a zombie series. It’s unfortunate because it makes sense for them (free money) and it makes sense for the fans (extra material in the created world), but like a balanced diet, sometimes being left wanting more and abstaining is the healthy option.

    They’re alienating people because they didn’t terminate these two franchises when it was appropriate.

  • Datdude

    Stoked! Can’t be any worse than Genisys!

  • Terminator: Are You Sixth Of This, Yet?

  • biohazardextreme

    It’s going to be the 6th movie, saying “Terminator 6” doesn’t mean anything with regards to the continuity. I think you’re looking way too deeply into it.

  • This is now the third time they’re trying to produce a new Terminator trilogy. Stop this nonsense once and for all!!!

  • Kek Wills It

    Do we really want another terminator movie after salvation & genisys?

    • Runciter

      From James Cameron? Maybe.
      From literally anybody else (’cause that was the list of directors for the sequels)? No.

  • voy3voda

    Please no more bs terminator movies…

  • Brad Tyler

    I couldn’t be more excited about this. Having Cameron back on board could/should be just what this series needs to get back to the greatness of T1 and T2. I’m sad Cameron isn’t directing and I wonder just how much involvement/say he is having given the MAMMOTH job he is in the middle of with 4 Avatar sequels. Even so, I’m stoked!

  • Anyone else notice those 5 magic words…’and then comes a Conan’??!!

    • Grither 57

      That’s definitely what caught my attention.

    • Weresmurf

      Lets……….just skip Terminator and get to what we really want…

  • Flu-Like Symptoms

    I’m in.

  • Falkenlurch

    This time with cyborg diapers and walker.


    Have we run out of ideas for new franchises and films? Arnold is just corny now let him live the remainer of his life in peace.

    • Laura Kinney (X-23)

      FUCK NO. Work him like a dog till he dies!! I needs me some proper Terminator stead’ of that fanfiction bullshit the other filmmakers shat on us!!

  • misterfrost36

    Looking more forward to a King Conan movie..

  • Shellraiser

    I think you guys buried the lead on this one. Arnold confirming that Conan is still happening has made me happy to be alive. Keep the dream alive!


  • chris hayes

    How about setting it in the 60’s where an earlier version of the Terminator goes after Sarah Connors parents & their neighbor ( Arnold ) helps protect them ….

  • One-Eye

    Ugh! Just do KING CONAN and retire.

  • Tarniemator

    I think what everyone would prefer with these terminator films was if we could have the originals still acting in it as Linda Hamilton and Michael Biehn as Sarah Connor and Kyle Reece were the mutts nuts and could never be replaced although Emelia Clarke as great an actress as she is had a good stab at being Sarah Connor trying to copy her voice and lines from first T1 and T2 but she looked about twelve and it didn’t work and just made me wish Linda Hamilton was still in it as she would’ve smashed it again even if she is alot older now she is still the best! And having Jai Courtney as Reece now that was just unforgivable he is a poor excuse for Kyle Reece and like with Linda you need a like for like if you can’t have the original imho and unfortunately Linda and Michael are not getting any younger but would’ve still blown everyone else in the film away! Did like the idea of arnies terminator looking older because let’s face it the guy playing him does and is now and also Jason Clarke was fairly good as John Connor as opposed to Nick Stahl in T3 and Christian Bale in T4 both were poor but was more surprised how bad Christian was as he is a great actor but in T4 he may as well have been a terminator himself he acted like one devoid of emotions and miserable as hell! If the new terminator film can at least get the casting right and some new ideas im in and it would be interesting to see what others feel about this who they would’ve had as Sarah and Kyle and who they would like to see in the new film!

  • Laura Kinney (X-23)

    Glad to see that the band’s getting back together to deliver us some REAL Terminator action!! No more fanfiction type bullshit from lame ass writers or directors.

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