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Australian Haunter ‘The School’ Mixes ‘Hellraiser’ with ‘Lord of the Flies’?

Lunar Pictures and Australia-based Bronte Pictures released the first teaser for their supernatural horror thriller The School, directed by award-winning Australian writer/director Storm Ashwood.

The School follows Amy, an attractive, successful surgeon, who struggles to cope with her emergency room duties and those of a young mother looking after her hospitalized son who has fallen into a coma. After being reprimanded by her boss, Dr. Wang, for obsessively believing her son will wake up, she becomes trapped in a coma/purgatory of her own – The School – where children from her past emerge to taunt and test her to her core, putting in doubt whether Amy will be able to save her son and leave The School.


The School was filmed at the Gladesville Mental Asylum, which was founded in the late 1830’s, making it the oldest asylum in Australia. Unfortunately, the cruel and unusual punishment of its patients was a normality there, including the use of electric shock therapy and both patient and employee deaths were common. There are 1,228 unmarked patient graves on-site providing an unsettling location to capture the supernatural horror elements in the film.

Megan Drury, Nicholas Hope, and Jack Ruwald star.

Blake Northfield and Jim Robison are producers on The School, and Phil Hunt and Compton Ross at Headgear Films (Black Mass) are executive producers. Earlier this year, international sales company Cinema Management Group (CMG) acquired worldwide sales rights, excluding Australia and New Zealand.



  • Necro

    The cast and crew had to have some paranormal experiences in that place! I’d love to hear some stories. The film looks interesting to.

    • MrX13

      Would love to see the behind the scene on this movie

      • Necro

        Hell yeah! That place will help the film if it’s lacking, super creepy atmosphere.

  • MrX13

    Doesn’t look too bad. Something to watch and it looks original

  • Lady Bathory

    Looks really good! I like the style and the colour scheme

  • Wil McMullen

    It kinda gives me Silent Hill vibes

    • Totes, exactly what i was thinking

  • guest

    i cant resist asylum movies.
    and this one looks really good.

  • J Jett

    this looks like it could be really good! it also looks like (depending on the acting) it could be terrible (despite having cool/good visuals and sets). i’d need to see an actual scene where i can gauge the acting if this movie will land or not. i hope it’s awesome though!
    oh and it’s most definitely 100% without a doubt “inspired” by SILENT HILL with a tiny bit of BASKIN thrown in for good measure.

  • Imbrie

    Jesus, the tagline for this is horrendous!

  • Millegeo

    The movie looks pretty good, but the poster is awful in almost every conceivable way. Its hyper cliché, and I can say without a doubt if I hadn’t just watched the teaser I would have immediately passed over this movie. Frankly from what I just watched in the teaser, I’m not sure the poster even has anything at all to do with the movie. I feel bad for the director, unless if by some off chance that person made the poster. And I agree, the tagline is horrendous

  • Elizabeth

    I don’t see where the Hellraiser comparison is coming from unless there’s a bunch of uncomfortably erotic scenes that didn’t make the trailer (hopefully not since it’s kids). But definitely Silent Hill. And I agree with everyone else–the poster is awful. I would skip over that on VOD.

  • I’m excited to see this but the trailer is lackluster. There’s no context and nothing to take the audiences hand to lead them into this world, it’s just a bunch of scary scenes and if I didn’t know any better I’d think it’s a Silent Hill fan film.

    There’s the issue of movie trailers showing too much.. and then there are trailers that show far too little.

    • Gabbi Cordero

      Couldn’t have said it any better myself. When I saw that promotional pic, I’m “Hellraiser? Are we sure we have the right franchise?”

  • Kyle Cole

    Seems interesting. Wasnt impressed by tje trailer, but this one may end up being really good

  • HeteroFriendly

    I’ll take a pretty good backwater non-hollywood flick over a 250 million dollar overshallacked jj abrams turd any day.

    I’d just rather see this then anything hollywood would be culturally capable of doing.

  • sedoi

    I’m interested but I hope it won’t end up as Baskin, with it’s overreliance on gore 🙁

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