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Awesome ‘It Came from the Desert’ Teaser Mixes Old School PSA with Enormous Ant Footage [Exclusive]

See decent Americans terrorized! Hear teenage girls squeal!

Finland’s Roger! Pictures partnered with US-based legendary game developer Cinemaware to produce a motion picture adaptation of the classic game It Came from the Desert, released back in 1989 for the Amiga. The game, a love letter to ’50s B-movies, centers on giant mutant ants devouring the Earth, which should make for a fun creature feature here in 2017.

In the horror-comedy, giant mutated ants wreak havoc in the New Mexico desert. Raven Banner shared with Bloody Disgusting an exclusive new teaser than mixed footage with a hilarious faux PSA about enormous ants.

This pulpy, action monster movie is a nostalgic tribute to creature features from the 1950’s; it features rival motocross heroes and heroines, kegger parties in the desert, secret underground military bases, romantic insecurities…and of course giant ants!

Marko Mäkilaakso (War of the Dead) directed and co-wrote with Hank Woon (Age of Dinosaurs) and Trent Haaga (68 Kill). Roger’s Teemu Virta and Alliance Media Partners (AMP) produced the film with the support of the Finnish Film Foundation. Tero Kaukomaa (Iron Sky 1 & 2) served as executive producer.



  • James Allard

    Oh HELL yeah! I already have a spot on my shelf waiting… next to THEM! and Eight Legged Freaks. And… oh, Big Bug Movie! HAHAHAHAHAHA

  • MeeGhoulz

    The Turbografx16 PC engine version of the game was quite good,with the pixelated FMVs!

  • Huck42

    Loved that game! Had it for my Amiga 500 back in the day, lol.

    I like the poster too. I hope ants do kill dirt bikers. I live in NM, and can’t stand the offroad motor crowd. They destroy trails, make too much noise, and pollute the desert landscape with oil stains, gas spills, and tire ruts.

  • Brett

    The little bug movies always freaked me out more than the giant bug movies. The one about the fire bugs, and Phase IV, and Kingdom of the Spiders (Shatner!)…

  • Grimphantom

    It’s so so, i do like the animation scenes also tell i wasn’t the only one who didn’t laugh at the guy getting hit in the head with a barrel lol

    • turk

      Barrel? That was a beer keg. The latter is much more fun. Unless the former is full of monkeys.

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