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New ‘The Shining’ Doc Accompanies UK Re-release!

Spend your Halloween visiting The Overlook Hotel, following Jack Torrance’s descent into madness, fearing for Wendy and Danny and most of all, being terrified, tantalized and truly entranced. Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining re-releases in UK cinemas nationwide on October 31st.

Not only will you see one of the greatest horror films of all time in theaters but the film will be preceded by a new and exclusive seven-minute documentary on the Stanley Kubrick classic, “Work & Play: A Short Film about The Shining, directed by Matt Wells.




  • Saturn

    I’ll be there if my local cinema shows it.

    • Creepshow

      …if they let your drunk ass in. 😉

      • Saturn

        They’ve never dared to stop me yet!

        • Creepshow

          I have a strict rule I follow:

          Never approach a person with soiled britches.

          • Saturn

            Especially if they are eating from them…….

  • I was hoping this would be more of a feature-length documentary, but I wonder i this is an indication that we’re going to get some sort of special edition. Criterion, perhaps? They’ve handled several of Kubrick’s earlier films.

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