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‘Nightmare City’ and ‘Cannibal Ferox’ Director Umberto Lenzi Has Passed Away

Italian filmmaker Umberto Lenzi, best known for writing and directing Cannibal Ferox, has passed away at the age of 86 om Rome. There’s been no official cause of death released.

Lenzi’s resume is massive, including So Sweet, So Perverse (1969), An Ideal Place to Kill (1971), Seven Blood Stained Orchids (1972), Sacrifice (1972), Knife of Ice (1972), Spasmo (1974), Eaten Alive (1980), The House of Witchcraft (1989), Hell’s Gate (1989), House of Lost Souls (1989), Nightmare Beach (1989) and Black Demons (1991). His contributions to American cinema can be found in Almost Human (1974), Eyeball (1975), Nightmare City (1980), Cannibal Ferox (1981) and Ghosthouse (1988). Which are among your favorites?

We send our condolences to his friends and family. Thanks to Horror Society for the heads up.



  • Jair H Castillo

    Nightmare City was fun, but my favorite is Seven Blood Stained Orchids

  • Saturn

    Although as being myself one of those annoying vegans y’all read about, I think the guy was a shit for basically inventing the unnecessary animal killing cannibal movie, I still find it sad that we’ve lost another of the greats of Euro horror.
    Aside from the animal cruelty in some of his movies (and yeah, I know it was a different time back then) I still have to concede that I enjoyed Cannibal Ferox quite a lot, animal cruelty aside, alongside his Man From Deep River, and plenty of his other movies, his gialli, and other semi-classics such as Nightmare City.
    Yeah, he was never one of the true great directors whose name is whispered in reverence, but for what he did – he did well.
    Perhaps he’s not held up in the same regard by many horror fans as the likes of Romero and Craven – but, for me? Yeah, he is.
    Perhaps a lesser great of the genre – but still, a GREAT.

  • Munchie Strikes Back

    Sad. Ghosthouse is always a fave.

    • Rocky

      piece of shit, it’s an embarrassment.

      • Munchie Strikes Back


      • Michael Diaz

        Like your mom.

  • Necro

    R.I.P.! Any loss to the vast great Horror family/community is sad to hear! We certainly don’t have directors doing films like these anymore, if so they’re very few and far between. Imagine this man’s resume and he only started in THIS day and age! My personal favorite is ‘Nightmare City’.

    My condolences to his closest friends and family!

  • runcible

    Weird. I just watched “Nightmare City” again, about a week ago. Don’t know why I like that movie so much, but I do.

  • Lyhue Nathan

    A great talent was lost with his passing.
    His films are a gateway to the best in Italian Horror and avant garde cinema.
    Critics be damned, this type of blood sweat and tears filmmaking is a dying art. Cheers for the thrills Mr. Lenzi.

  • libertyfreedompatriot

    Lenzi is one of the few filmmakers I would literally have punched in the face if i saw him in the street. He was not only a talentless hack but used actual animal killings and torture in his movies (ie, no special effects). Inexcusable and completely unnecessary. He should have been arrested for “Cannibal Ferox.”

    • DeeDeeKing

      Yeah, youre so fucking edgy heh heh. He was a super talented director, and Im sure he didn’t lose any sleep while alive that whining edgelord internet tough guys like yourself would have “punched him in the face” if they ever got out of their mothers basement long enough to see him in the street.

      Even at 86 I bet he’d have kicked your ass.

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