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First Look: ‘Carmilla’ Takes a Bite Out of Period Vampire Lore

Ahead of the AFM in Santa Monica, Fabien M. has provided us with our first ever shot from the UK gothic drama Carmilla, starring rising UK talent Hannah Rae (BroadchurchCity Of Tiny Lights) and young German actress Devrim Lingnau (Under Suspicion), with Jessica Raine (Call the MidwifeWolf Hall), Tobias Menzies (OutlanderGame of Thrones), and illusionist Scott Silven.

Inspired by Sheridan Le Fanu’s 1872 novel of the same name, which is considered to be one of the earliest works of vampire fiction, Carmilla is a dark coming-of-age love story set in the 1780s.

Raine plays Miss Fontaine, governess to 15-year-old Lara (Hannah Rae) who lives in total isolation in her family home. Struggling to find an outlet for her burgeoning sexuality, Lara is enchanted by the mysterious Carmilla (Devrim Lingnau) and the pair strike up a passionate relationship. However, with rumors and superstition rife and with the exhortation of the family doctor (Tobias Menzies), Carmilla’s presence in their home begins to strike fear into those around her.

The project is the debut feature of writer-director Emily Harris, who previously collaborated with Ate De Jong on Love Is Thicker Than Water in 2016. Producers are Lizzie Brown of Bird Flight Films and Emily Precious of Fred Films.



  • Saturn

    Looking forward to this one, as I’m a fanboy for Ms Karnstein, and another new movie that deals with my princess? Yeah, I’m in.

  • Cappy Tally

    Well this might be pretty cool.

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