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Marvel’s ‘Venom’ Already Completes Two Weeks of Filming

Thanks to films like Logan and Deadpool, we’re in the golden age of superhero films. With New Mutants on the way from FOX, Sony’s digging deep into their horror catalog with their Spider-Man spinoff, Venom, which stars Tom Hardy as the title character. Targeting a release next October, Zombieland‘s Ruben Fleischer has officially completed two weeks of production.

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Riz Ahmed, Michelle Williams,  Scott Haze and Jenny Slate also star.

Carnage is the villain in this piece, and although rumors had Ahmed in the role, the studio has said that is not so. They’re being incredibly secretive and haven’t revealed who will be the film’s antagonist yet.

Avi Arad, Matt Tolmach, and Amy Pascal are producing Venom.



  • Saturn

    And countdown to inevitable “is this a Venom origin story…..”?
    No, wait.

    In all seriousness I have high hopes for this movie, Tom Hardy isn’t usually in anything too shoddy, so fingers crossed we get a 2016 Deadpool style movie, instead of the X Men Origins : Wolverine version we got in Spider-Man 3.

    • J Jett

      and yet i admit i laugh every time someone brings it up on this site! lol.

      • Saturn

        Good job it doesn’t get brought up toooo often then!

  • Jay Bennett

    Honestly surprised this is happening since so many comic book books get swept under the rug. Im glad it is though, Tom Hardy and Riz Ahmed have been great in everything Ive seen them in

  • Brandon

    Is this going to follow the Agent Venom story-line?

    • Cappy Tally

      Highly, highly doubt it. Hardy is playing Eddie Brock, not Flash Thompson. From what I’ve heard it loosely follows the Lethal Protector storyline.

  • Christopher Nickerson

    Do we find out how the symbiote got out of the space capsule with Jake Gyllenhaal?

    • Creepshow

      I’m hoping they will explain how the pods went in opposite directions.

  • Mamet006

    Wow. They completed two weeks of filming in only two weeks? Impressive

    • Mike tantatelli

      Right. Not really news. But I guess you gotta put something on the website right? Lol

  • dsxy

    Shame Tom hardy is an overrated POS who mumbles every line like he’s had a stroke.

    • Hack Snyder

      Go watch Bronson.

      • Matt Graupman

        “Bronson” is fucking amazing.

      • G.A. McGillivray

        Bronson is one of the best/most memorable movies I’ve seen in the last 10 years.

        There fact that it is the origin story to Venom is just the icing on the cake!

      • Mike tantatelli

        I watched that having never heard of it before and had no idea what it was about. I read the description on Netflix and gave it a shot. It was also my first time seeing Tom Hardy in a movie. What a plesant surprise. I thought it was an awesome movie, I fuckin loved it.

      • Jay Bennett

        Love the name by the way lol

      • dsxy

        I have, it’s good, he’s good in it, doesn’t mean his recent gets a pass.

  • Tyler McPherson

    It’s Sony’s Venom. Hardly Marvel’s other than just Sony using the character.

    • For some reason, this site seems to think that Marvel is involved with the Spider-Man spin-offs and X-Men films (as all of their articles make this mistake). They are not…

  • DukeStKing

    There has to be some untapped talent out there to take a chance on. I like Hardy well enough, but c’mon! Let’s give somebody new a shot.

  • Lady Bathory

    This could be really great. A character like Venom has to appear in an R rated film instead of some feel good Disney/Marvel production. I just hope it’s nothing like that awful Deadpool film and more like Logan!

    • Austin Wyatt

      You think Deadpool was awful?!

      • Matt

        Just imagine what great would be then!!!

      • Lady Bathory

        Yes I do. I didn’t enjoy it a bit. Just my taste…

    • Matt

      I’ll probably take some crap for this, but I think it should be the other way around!

    • Travis_Bickle

      Deadpool is AMAZING!!

  • Dave Brown

    Man I’m excited I really love Tom Hardy I think he’s a great actor!

  • All of the Spider-Man films, aside from Spider-Man 3 and The Amazing Spider-Man 2, have been great. Cautiously optimistic for Venom.

  • Halloween_Vic

    I fucking love Tom Hardy!!!!

  • Travis_Bickle

    Because we need another fucking comic book movie…?

    • Pumpkin Witch

      Just don’t watch it then xD It’s pretty easy actually

      • Travis_Bickle

        I planed to not watch it, but my question was…do we really need ANOTHER comic book movie? Seriously…the 3rd Thor movie out right now. We’ve got Justice League and more god awful Wonder Women movies coming. Enough is enough.

        • Pumpkin Witch

          If that’s your question, then my answer is yes, we do “need” them. I personally love many of the comic book movies, especially Wonder Woman! Venom will be pretty different from what we know so far, anyway.

          • Travis_Bickle

            Wonder Woman was a long, boring panderfest. Venom will be as worthless as Antman.

          • Pumpkin Witch

            Tastes are different. I mean, you think Deadpool is good. That says it all…

          • Travis_Bickle

            Deadpool is amazing. I’m sorry i’m not into long boring movies who blatantly pander.

          • Travis_Bickle

            OH!! i’m so bummed I didn’t see it before. You are a second profile for Lady Bathory. You say the same silly bullshit. Constantly referring to your “Taste”. You must have forgot which profile you were using. Ok, nevermind. Enjoy the block list.

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