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Here’s What the Original Michael Myers Mask Looks Like Today!

It’s been just about 40 years since this mask became iconic horror history.

Everyone knows the story of the original Michael Myers mask by now; it was a Captain Kirk mask painted white, yadda yadda. But what does it look like TODAY?!

Mark Roberts is the man who has been in possession of that original, screen-used hero mask since 2003, and fellow fan Benjamin Hall just interviewed him for In addition to sharing an image of the mask, the first that we’ve seen since way back in 2003, Roberts also shared some insights into the mask’s history.

I have been building and running haunts for the last 26 years. About 20 years ago I got in contact with an agent who represented Dick Warlock and asked about booking Dick for an appearance at my haunt,” Roberts recalled the story of how he came into possession of the mask. “So I set up to have Dick at the haunt and his agent said he had the mask and costume from the movie and would wear it at the appearance. When Dick came to the haunt, he was mad at his agent because he said he does not wear the costume for appearances. He did tell me that he still had the costume, boots, mask, butcher knife and scalpel and that he would sell it; he just didn’t bring them out for appearances.”

He continued, “Dick was great with the haunted house customers and hanging out with Dick and Cathy for the weekend was a lot of fun and it went so well we set it up for him to come back the next year. I’m not sure if it was after the 1st or second year but I called Dick up and we made a deal for me to purchase the mask, costume, boots, scalpel and knife. My wife and I went to Dick’s house and picked up the mask and costume. It really is amazing that Dick thought to keep that stuff and take care of it; when I went to pick it up, he had kept the mask stored in a Elvis Presley tin container.

Roberts, who has not yet had the mask restored in any way, said he preserves his holy grail by keeping it in an air tight container that is climate controlled and in the dark.

Check out images of the original mask, used in both Halloween and Halloween 2, along with the H2 scalpel and boots, and stay tuned for more in Part 2 of the interview!



  • The Night King

    Ironically, my face looked just like that mask for about a week after I saw Halloween: Resurrection.

    • ShadowInc


  • Nia Snacks

    Super dope!

  • Necro

    That’s cool how he kept it all that time and then to be nice enough to sell it.

  • Wow. It still looks creepy in that poor quality state, lol

  • Would be cool if they could use this in the new movie somehow.

    • Jesse Sikora

      They should totally use it for the new movie.

  • Halloween_Vic

    Damm that’s awesome!!! Crazy how that mask looks now tho lol

  • Meatwad

    That thing should be in a muséum or something.

    • biff

      You tell ’em Indiana Meatwad ;D

      • Meatwad

        Let me get my fedora XP

  • Delano

    Am I the only one seeing it as Mitch McConnell…?

    • DukeStKing

      I get it. When I see Mitch I think Mason Verger.

    • Meisha’s Taint

      Mitch McConnel is waaaaaaaaay scarier

  • IWC-3PO

    How would Michael Myers sneak up on anyone in those clippity cloppity boots, especially in a hospital.

  • A.J.

    I really thought that mask had to have disintegrated long ago. Glad to see it is still around.

  • Flu-Like Symptoms

    Hope he decides to have it restored. Great things can be done by the indy artists out there these days. That mask is an important part of cinema history and deserves to be preserved as long as possible.

    • Jesse Sikora

      No way, it’s so much cooler not being restored.

    • Meisha’s Taint

      HELL NO!!!!!

      You don’t restore something like that that’ a piece of history

    • restored is the opposite of preserved

  • zombie84_41

    umm thats even more creepy than it was before.

  • Meisha’s Taint

    Please use that for the new Halloween.

    Thank you have a nice day

  • gjk2012 .

    It looks like they flushed it down the toilet, pulled it out of the sewer, and rinsed it off. Age is a mother fuker to anything.

  • Reece Catlin

    atleast it looks like the mask from 4 now

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