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Andy Muschietti Shares Awesome Concept Sketch for “Killmouth” Scene in ‘IT’

When Stephen King’s IT was first adapted, it was turned into a made-for-TV miniseries that wasn’t exactly allowed to be as graphic, or as terrifying, as King’s novel. But the book’s second adaptation, this year’s Andy Muschietti-directed feature film, well, it was an “R” rated movie that pulled no punches.

And unfortunately for Georgie, he got the worst of it.

Taking the 1990 adaptation’s “Pennywise meets Georgie” scene to a whole new level of terror, poor Georgie has his arm gruesomely ripped off by Pennywise in graphic detail in Muschietti’s IT, before being dragged down into the killer clown’s underground domain. It was one of the most shocking scenes of the year… even if you were expecting it.

Over on his Instagram, Muschietti just shared some early concept art he drew for that scene, which he jokingly describes as “one of the comedic highlights of the film.”

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  • Geno1987

    It reminds me of the art style from Extreme Ghostbusters.

  • llcc1103

    the cgi was pretty obvious here.. and at this exact moment I turned to my friend and rolled my eyes. Wouldn’t it have been much creepier if Pennywise just started gnawing on his arm with practical effects? wtf

    • Brandon

      It was the first red flag.

      • mrl72

        Yep! It was all down hill from there.

        • Brandon

          The CGI was definitely wonky.

      • llcc1103

        The first of many.

    • James

      The actual bite was one of the worst shots in the film and looked so out of place. Otherwise everything else about that opening was flawless.

    • zero2815

      God cry me a river.

      • llcc1103


        • Necro


  • Personally, I was fine with the CGI itself (and bad CGI gets on my nerves in horror films). The problem that I had was with Georgie’s acting. He’s a little kid that got his arm chopped off by a monster. He should literally be screaming bloody murder, lol

    • Necro

      Well I only watched it the one time and my memory is a bit fuzzy on how ‘Georgie’ reacted after the fact. I can’t wait to be able to watch this in the privacy of my own home, not to mention the quietness of it more importantly!

      • Me neither. I only wish they were still releasing the Extended Cut (though we are still getting a lot of deleted scenes).

    • DC_Fan38

      That’s a good point. Georgie yells and then he’s shown crawling away while only appearing distressed.
      Personally, I’m not going to pick that apart when I found a good deal of other things wrong, but I understand your point.

  • DC_Fan38

    This is so true. I saw it twice (I didn’t exactly want to pay for it twice. I was one of the few that thought the film was just okay.). Once with the lady, and the second time with my brother. The time I saw it with my brother I just knew it wasn’t going to impress him, much like me.
    And it’s true! Great score, atmosphere, acting and then that…
    Also, I guess I never understood the eyes looking in opposite directions?

    • Necro

      HaHa! I just noticed that in the picture! HaHa WTF!

      • DC_Fan38

        Yeah, I read it was a trick that Bill Skarsgard did during audition/performance that made his performance even more unnerving.
        It does nothing for me.

  • Grimphantom

    I think they should’ve done it fast or have the classic FX as we seen from John Carpenter’s The Thing. Also like to point out how the kid didn’t react too violent of getting his arm torn off like that, i would scream in pain, he kinda went for a very calm reaction.

    • hagbard23

      in the book, his mind snaps and all thats left is pain

  • Creepshow

    If you want to see bad CGI, just look at Superman’s fucking mouth in Justice League.

  • Blaz138

    And the terrible CGI ruined it

  • Mr. Dry

    Totally true! That first scene was extremely tense, everybody knows where it leads, everybody expects it and the CGI was a total let down. And that level of CGI continues throughout the whole film and kinda fucks up some other scenes too, which is so annoying because most of the horror scenes are very well built in terms of tension but the final payoff of many of them is just a CGI shitshow. IMO the main problem with It, which is a pretty good movie as a whole

  • ScaryLarryV

    they could just have easily went with a real mask or creature design using practical effects mixed with slight cgi to make this scene just as cool. CGI the whole movie makes it suck

  • zero2815

    God cry me a river. Wahh Wahh.

  • Valak

    I’d rather we not have seen the bite.
    The shot of Pennywise opening his mouth exposing all the teeth, then a cut to Georgie’s face as we hear bones crunch and his screams as his face is splattered with blood. Easy enough to do, and no goofy looking CGI.

  • spooky

    I thought the opening scene was great… what disappointed me was how limp the Pennywise character became after that initial scene. All he did was run up to one of the kids and go “BOO!”… He literally lost his bite after that.

  • SpaceManSpliffz .

    this movie was effing trash

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