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‘Halloween’ Filming Delayed Until January


David Gordon Green‘s Halloween, co-written by Danny McBride, was supposed to go behind cameras this past October. Only, production was delayed, multiple sources told Bloody Disgusting. With Jamie Lee Curtis returning as Laurie Strode, and Judy Greer in talks to play Laurie’s daughter, Karen Strode, there was still a lot of casting to fill, which *could* be one reason for the delay. This is supported by a casting call over at South Carolina’s The Island Packet, which reports that shooting is now scheduled to begin in mid-January, making Michael Myers’ planned October 19, 2018 return still possible. With production ramping up through the holidays, expect some new cast to be announced in the next few weeks.

If you’re local, they’re seeking extras. Follow the link above for information. Agents are also looking for real police officers, EMTs, nurses, CSI investigators, photographers and a coroner.

Halloween creator/director John Carpenter is executive producing and scoring the new film, which will take place following the events of his 1978 slasher, ignoring all other sequels. This means that Strode is no longer Myers’ sister, which was introduced in the Rick Rosenthal-directed Halloween II.

In Gordon Green’s movie, Laurie Strode comes to her final confrontation with Michael Myers, the masked figure who has haunted her since she narrowly escaped his killing spree on Halloween night four decades ago.

Look for more soon.

Halloween Jamie Lee Curtis (2017/18)



  • Biscoito18

    Let the delays begin!

    • Necro

      Yep! You can almost feel the snowball effect building with each day that passes!

    • Oh, please don’t. We just had to deal with this from Dimension Films… And that’s without mentioning other recent franchises, like how Paramount/Platinum Dunes has been treating Friday the 13th.

  • pablitonizer

    I saw this coming, another nail in this weirdness of this film… why so much delay? Are rewritings on the script taking place?

    • Drew

      Since you saw this coming, why don’t you tell us?

      • pablitonizer

        Actually I said it in the previous article lol and that the film would be shot under the name of “Night blade”, and michael would be captured after the original halloween instead of running away…that was the different ending. We’ll have to wait to find it out whether these rumors are true or not…

  • tyler

    Oh, hopefully we aren’t going this route into the delays and postponing into oblivion!
    So excited for this! I think I am even more excited that Judy Greer is a part of this more than Jamie Lee Curtis. Excellent casting so far! Hopefully, they don’t go and add stupid people like a Jonas brother or Rihanna to it in an attempt to try to be “modern.”

    • pablitonizer

      Expect young people like Jonas brother or Rihanna to be on it to gain teen audience…I even doubt this film will be R-rated… I love Judy as well, but I don’t like the route they’re heading, I hope the negative reactions on David’s comments made them re-think some aspects of the film

    • *Cough* Resurrection *Cough*

  • Francesco Falciani

    it’s happening the same that happened to F13th last year…i knew it.

    • pablitonizer

      Such a pity, they could have made a fabulous F13 from a 10 million budget or less and make at least 50 million at the box office, I’m still mad at them

      • I’ve actually read the leaked script for the cancelled 2017 reboot, and it was pretty bad. It was going to be a ‘secret origin’ for Jason Voorhees, complete with time jumps, three different killers, bizarre retcons, ETC. Jason doesn’t even start killing until the very end.

  • Creepshow

    *womp womp*

    Bye bye October 2018 release. That’s ok though, Madea’s Boo 3 can take it’s slot.

    • Munchie Strikes Back

      Now you’ve got me thinking about Madea’s slot, which is something I NEVER wanted to think about.

      • Creepshow

        Madea is packing a moose knuckle anyways. Hope that helps.

    • Travis_Bickle

      We can only hope…

      • Creepshow

        Don’t fret, I’ll finance the fucker myself if I have to. Boo 3 or bust!

        • Travis_Bickle

          and there is the title…

  • Nicolas Caiveau

    Let’s hope the delay allows them to rewrite it a bit, to not retcon the previous sequels x) I really hate that they want to make it a Halloween Genisys…

    • pablitonizer

      Absolutely! I hope blumhouse and universal saw the bad reactions to Green’s comments, he isn’t even sure of the film he’s about to direct

    • I agree with the rewriting it, but they honestly have no reason to continue where Halloween 6 or Resurrection left off. I’d say that the original or Halloween II are probably the best jumping off points. Even if they continue from Halloween 4 or H20, it would be stuck with the baggage from those films.

      • Nicolas Caiveau

        Yes. But they don’t have to mention them. Just mention explicitely the first movie and stay vague about the other ones. Laurie could just say she had other encounters with Michael and said that she almost died once.

        • If it served the story, I would actually be okay with that.

          • Nicolas Caiveau

            It’s totally possible. Look at the Child’s Play movies. Most fans didn’t like Seed of Chucky. But they didn’t retcon it in Curse of Chucky, no they just made a sequel in the same vein as Child’s Play 1, with only nods to Bride and Seed, to acknowledge that they exist in the same continuity. That’s all it needs to do. Retconning the previous sequels is really a lazy way to do things. It reminds me of Texas Chaisaw 3D which made absolutely no sense. But to be honest, the continuity of the TCM series never made sense from the start x)

          • Both Curse and Cult of Chucky acknowledged Seed of Chucky. Not the same thing.

            A more appropriate example would be how none of the Chucky films have acknowledged Child’s Play 3, despite it still being canon. Or how Jason Lives ignored Friday the 13th: A New Beginning without officially retconning it (except for the cliffhanger, where Tommy was teased as the new killer).

          • Nicolas Caiveau

            Child’s Play 3 isn’t mentioned in Bride, but Child’s Play 2 neither actually. Chucky just subtly said that if his story was to be made into movies it would take 3 or 4 sequels to tell it.

            And in Jason Lives, in the intro scene, Tommy’s friends explicitely say that they would be sent back to the asylum if they get caught. Which means that part 5 happened. Though obviously, Tommy didn’t turn a killer.

            But I agree with your point, so it’s the proof they can go from the latest sequel without mentioning them, no need to retcon them just “because”.

          • References to Andy’s childhood are made in Bride, and other events from that film are referenced in the later films. A character from Child’s Play 2 also appeared in [SPOILER WARNING] the after credits scene of Cult of Chucky.

          • Nicolas Caiveau

            In Cult yes. I was just talking about Bride. I know, there was a post credit scene in both Curse and Cult. It’s a good thing that now Mancini decided to create more continuity in the series. Wish Halloween could do the same :/

          • And no, his friend in Jason Lives was talking about a different asylum. They didn’t even get the same actor for Tommy.

          • Nicolas Caiveau

            I know he was played by a different actor. But you really not consider it a reference to part 5 ? I mean, sure you could say it’s retconned, as Jason was supposedly burned to ashes in 5, yet his body is intact in 6… I just see this kind of stuff as inconsistencies, like the series is filled with.

            But… Yeah, you may be right on this one ^^

          • Tommy suffered major PTSD after what happened in The Final Chapter. The ending to that film kind of already hinted that he probably end up in a mental institution.

          • Nicolas Caiveau

            Oh, it’s true. So yeah, one can say that Jason Lives ignores part 5. Didn’t think about it this way, probably because I like to consider all the movies canon.

          • I don’t think it officially erased it from continuity. It just tried to sidestep it after the negative reactions to Part V (though it has gained more of a following in recent years).

        • pablitonizer

          That’d be so cool. I find it so hard to find a reason for Michael to stalk laurie without a valid excuse 40 years later….

          • It’s probably a matter of her returning to kill Michael due to PTSD, or Michael having completion anxiety (“The one who got away”).

  • Khy

    We know how this will turn out…

    2019…2020…2021…then never.

    • pablitonizer

      Agree! Jamie will be the one to exit first as the project goes forwards and backwards

    • Jason Blum swore on his life that the film is happening, stating, “You can kill me. You can behead me. You can chop my hand off, the prince of horror, you can cut my hand off. That’s on the record.”

      He’s probably in an underground bunker by now, lol

  • dukeblues

    Half of the Halloween movies Jamie Lee Curtis was in were shi*t. By half, I mean H20 and Rez.

  • Necro

    And here we go! I’m trying to remain positive but they’re not doing a very good job at trying to retain faith from the fans. What did McBride say again? “Halloween and/or Horror fans are the last genre fans you want pissed off at you” or something like that. Well keep up your bullshit there guys! Now you already know what’s coming next; “2018 Halloween film postponed until 2019 due to blah blah blah.” No surprise here so I’ll just wait until the next blizzard of bullshit hits this film and read about it here on BD!

    If I may say something positive here, whether they’re promotional shots or not, I like the way ‘Michael’ looks in that picture in the article. IMO

    • pablitonizer

      it’s in a weird development…Judy is supposed to be in talks since september, like why the hell is not closed yet? there’s no so much to talk about but money, unless the script looks like shit hahaha

      • Necro

        You know I’d respect them a lot more if they came out and said something like that “the script is terrible so we’re adjusting a few things”, rather that than dance around with excuses. Yeah as far as Judy is concerned I mean there can’t be that much money involved here. And like I said I’m trying to remain positive, but we’ve been down this road before. It always starts with one delay.

        • pablitonizer

          Preach it bro! Next thing will be PG-13 for a wider audience….

          • Necro

            Oh please no anything but that! No Pussy-13 for this PLEASE!!!! I’ll wait patiently until 2025 for a release as long as I know it’s getting an R rating! Please no PG-13!

    • “I’m trying to remain positive but they’re not doing a very good job at trying to retain faith from the fans.”

      THANK YOU! My thoughts in a nutshell. I was so hyped when they announced this film, but Danny McBride was been doing his damned best to smother my excitement with increasingly bizarre and often contradictory statements. And now, the filming has been delayed.

      Given that this is the first time that the filmmakers have directed a horror film, I wonder if there aren’t some serious creative differences going on behind the scenes.

  • Francesco Falciani

    All the other Halloween movies were shot between January and April of the same year… so…. cross fingers

  • The Night King

    Personally, if I were making this movie and read these comments, I’d be like “well fuck you guys then. You guys want horror, enjoy your pg-13 found footage horror movies. or go fap some more to the overly hyped, barely resembles the book IT.” Me, I’ll be the first to slam it if it’s bad or they announce the casting of a rapper, but I’d rather not let pessimism kill this before they even film a single frame.

    • pablitonizer

      Well, we already have an esque-found footage with resurrection! And I’d die to see a michael stabbing kids in the 80s, gory and bloody as hell, that’d be epic. Much more epic than an almost 70-year-old michael stalking a no longer sister for no reason 40 years later…

  • delta2326

    I brought some cheese and crackers to go along with all this “whine”

    • J Jett

      original. you thought that up all by yourself?

      • delta2326

        unfortunately I cannot take credit. It was from Johnathan Schaech’s best selling auto-biography.

  • Travis_Bickle

    After hearing about the details of this movie i’d rather eat a sandwich somebody farted on. Good riddance.

    • We have very little details to go on (besides the very-much justified continuity). Do what you will, but Jason Blum literally swore on his life that this movie is happening.

    • discochic

      you’re an ass hole anyway, so smelling like shit is normal for you, cunt lips

      • Travis_Bickle

        Creative retort. All your posts seem to boil down to “FUCK FUCK FUCK! CUNT CUNT CUNT!”
        The saddest troll is an unoriginal troll. Better luck next time!

  • Damn…

    • pablitonizer

      I know, but could be a good thing in some fantastic fantasy right?

      • Potentially. For all we know, we’re on the verge of avoiding another Texas Chainsaw 3D. But at the same time, the prospect of John Carpenter advising a direct sequel to the original as a return to form for the franchise still excites me.

        • pablitonizer

          yes, I agree…but why changing the ending of the original Halloween? I think that’s what bothered the most and brought even more negativity. He shouldn’t have said that at all, he messed it up right there in the interview

          • Yeah, I don’t understand that either. Danny McBride says they are transforming Michael into a regular human being. My best guess is that they altered the original ending so that he doesn’t get shot six times (ugh).

  • pablitonizer

    yeah, he opened up his mouth way too soon and it was pretty confusing for everyone so I imagine all of them having second thoughts. Once Jamie finds out she’s becoming his sister again, she’ll run away as fast as possible… UNLESS a huge paycheck is given to her lol

  • DaddyKo

    Eh whatever Michael Myers is a pussy and Laurie Strode can suck it!

  • Creepshow

    I got the inside scoop from a buddy who runs a food truck down in South Carolina. Rumor has it that they delayed production because they are bringing in Master Johnathan Schaech to right this ship. John “The Man” is in the middle of a dozen or so high profiled projects at the moment, and won’t be freed up until sometime in January. So may your worrying end my friends. Everything Johnny touches is guaranteed gold.

    • J Jett

      phew! all is good in the world then! 🙂

      • Creepshow

        Vinnie “the burrito guy” doesn’t lie.

    • pablitonizer

      isn’t he the one from the day of the dead romance-terror-drama reboot shit? Oh gosh, have mercy on us…

      • Creepshow

        How dare you ask me that. If you are unsure who Savior Schaech is, we can no longer converse.

    • Johnathan Schaech,Master Of Cinematic Genre Schlock. I’m sure that he’s glad and appreciate to have a fan championing for him(which is what hard working would be-Fred Olen Ray successor/genre filmmaker Timothy Woodward Jr. right now needs).

      • Creepshow

        Who’s championing? His rock solid resume speaks for itself. People should kiss his ring for saving Halloween.

        • Saturn

          If the delay is to get Schaech on board then I’m happy to wait. Personally I suspect he’s going to take the Dr Loomis role and make the character ICONIC.

          • Creepshow

            Naw dude, it’s even better than that. My foodcart cousin Vinnie says, Lord Shcaech isn’t physically in the film. But get this…..they are molding Michael’s mask based off of the “Schaech-face”!
            *heads explode everywhere*

          • Saturn

            344 Days Til Halloween!

            OMG! It’s going to be the greatest mask EVER!

    • TinaMarie Perez

      are we talking about Christina Applegates ex hubby??! Same guy who did Prom night???!! I had no idea he was a “master” of horror, honestly…all news 2 me!! should be interesting, if they plan on throwing him into this project.!

  • J Jett

    i doubt this film will actually ever come to fruition.

    • pablitonizer

      I agree with u J Jett! I believe some things were said when they shouldn’t have and now they see all this amount of negativity coming towards the film.

    • discochic

      fuck up cunt, no one cares what you think.

  • Papa_spoosh

    With the people they have on board I really don’t see this disappearing. I’m really surprised by all of the negativity… this whole situation is bizarre so far with the timeline change and everything but it’s way more exciting then another Zombie take or no Halloween at all, and the confirmed crew so far is a lot to get excited about.

    • Nicolas Caiveau

      The negativity is logical. In a reboot, you expect the movie to ignore the previous ones. But this one claims to be the real sequel to the original, the best one, this looks very pretentious ! And the fact that they claim to be big fans but still want to erase all the movies except the original (and worse, they even want to rewrite the ending of H1)… Many fans find this attitude very disrespectful.

      • Papa_spoosh

        I mean we still have no idea to what extent they want to alter the original and they said they wouldn’t do it if Carpenter wasn’t on board. They have Jaimie Lee on board. I would rather an interesting alternate story than another reboot. Reboots have become so common that we have had 3 different versions of Spider-Man in 10 years and probably the same will he said of batman soon. At a certain point we can stop just “starting over” and try something new and different and the horror genre is the best place for that. The original canon takes many liberties with the plotlines and characters etc. so why not?

        • Nicolas Caiveau

          But I didn’t want another reboot… Just another regular sequel, with Michael killing new characters. It ain’t that hard to do.

          • Papa_spoosh

            That’s fair but I don’t blame them for thinking they need a reason to tell a new story. I hope this pans out and we don’t see any more delays but the good news is that we should know one way or the other pretty soon

  • IWC-3PO

    …and that’s what you get for bumming out Danielle Harris!
    This production is officially doomed to fail. BWAH-HA-HA-HA-HA!

    • FunkyMagurk

      Why would they include Danielle Harris? They have always been clear that they are ignoring all of those garbage sequels. And why would they use her as the new daughter character? Judy Greer is an infinitely better actress. Those Halloween sequels were horrible and deserve to be forgotten.

      • IWC-3PO

        A pox on you, sir! May your taint be covered with pustules.

        • FunkyMagurk

          LOL what are you, 13?

          • IWC-3PO

            You wish I was 13, Senator Moore.

          • You’re good at this.

          • FunkyMagurk

            Im an atheist, so im fairly certain Moore wouldnt like me LOL

      • scooby279 .

        Who says the sequels were horrible? I enjoy all the Halloween movies. I don’t have much hope for this new movie just look who is writing it, what does Danny McBride know about horror movies? He thinks he can write a Halloween movie just because he is a fan of the original? Maybe if John Carpenter was writing it I would have more hope.

        • FunkyMagurk

          Those Halloween sequels were horrible by ANY objective filmmaking standards. Its fine if you enjoy them, i have some guilty pleasures myself. But dont for one second fool yourself into thinking they are anything more than fun trash. The acting was terrible, the directing was terrible, the lighting was often horrible, the plots made no sense, they removed everything that made Michael work to begin with, and they created needlessly stupid and convoluted backstories (the Curse of Thorn, for example). And in H20 Michael himself looked utterly ridiculous.

          • scooby279 .

            So when you say bad acting in the sequels you are including Jamie Lee Curtis too? Lets face it some of the acting in the original wasn’t that great.

          • Totally!

          • FunkyMagurk

            I more meant all of the factors combined. The original was a masterful combination of atmosphere, sharp direction, excellent lighting (Michaels eyes are NEVER visible in the original), and perfect pacing. The sequels displayed none of these qualities. If you REALLY want to split hairs and go sequel by sequel you would see that each one has different reasons for why it is horrible, but im not going to waste my time doing that. I will say that the worst sequels BY FAR are Halloween 5, 6 and Resurrection. Parts 2-6 were just incompetently made B movies, H20 was competently made and acted, but Michael Myers looked so stupid in that film (his eyes and eyebrows constantlu visible, he didnt look anything like the original Myers) that it lacked any suspense. Zombies Halloween movies were competently made but they made the mortal sin of trying to give Michael a backstory, which goes against everything that made the original work. It seemed like Zombie wanted to make Texas Chainsaw but only had the rights to Halloween. And it certainly isnt just me with these opinions, every single Halloween sequel was critically panned, and rightfully so.

          • scooby279 .

            So the fact the sequels were critically panned means they are no good? Who cares what critics think? I never go by what they say, I judge for myself.

          • FunkyMagurk

            I can see I’m clearly wasting my breath LOL Let me guess, you think the critics are wrong about Justice League and the DCEU as well? LOL

          • Jonathon Knight

            Critics also championed Episode I and Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. Critics CAN be wrong bubba.

          • Freddy D Roberts

            I thought the acting was not that bad in H4 and Danielle Harris especially as a kid actor was good. I loved how they did H4’s opening credits it set the tone right away so creepy.

        • You are free to enjoy them, but it’s accepted by many fans that the films after Halloween II never got much better than “just fine”. Halloween 5, Resurrection, and Rob Zombie’s Halloween II are downright horrendous.

          Halloween is famous mainly for the original two entries, and hasn’t really worked as an overall franchise.

  • Brey Compton Arriaga

    And this doesn’t look good again, but most of the Halloween movies have been shot the same year they’re released, so I guess it will be okay 😀 <3

  • FunkyMagurk

    Regardless of the delay, there are far more skilled artists involved in this Halloween than in any Halloween film since the original. Hell, David Gordon Green is likey to be nominated for an Oscar for ‘Stronger’…having an Oscar nominee directing a Halloween film is unprecedented and awesome. Its great that they are ignoring all of the sequels, since everything after the original (including H20 and part 4) are garbage.

    • Let’s first patiently wait until the Oscars for 2018 are announced to see if David Gordon Green and STRONGER receive any Oscar nominations.

      • FunkyMagurk

        Regardless, hes still the strongest director to take on Halloween since Carpenter left. I mean, who else have they had? Most of the sequel directors literally did nothing else except straight to DVD movies and B movies.


      Hey hey hey…I respect your opinion. But let’s not bash Halloween 4 here, in terms of it being a sequel it was Damn good. Now Halloween 7, that had more plotholes than a cheese grater…

  • Flu-Like Symptoms

    Eh, nothing to see here. This kind of thing happens quite regularly.

  • Michael M

    I’m not worried about the delay like some are. The original was shot in like the spring of ’78 and released later that fall, and that was an ultra low budget independent film.

    • I’m more worried about what the delay means behind-the-scenes, especially given some of Danny McBride’s bizarre public statements. The whole situation seems to point to studio vs. filmmaker problems.

  • BreeBennett

    Here comes the delays. If they keep doing this, JLC will drop out.

  • iheartmoviemusic

    and more bad news. All the initial hype for this movie was a big mistake… I am already starting to see more and more problems. I have always been optimistic about this movie, but now I am beginning to have doubts. They just need to SHUT UP, make the movie, and hope they have made it well.

  • Chris Baxter

    You people do know that the stuntman wannabe actor they get to play myers is gonna gave to be close to if not 61, right!
    Come 2018 it will have been 40 years. Now i ask you all…are you really going to buy into a halloween movie where michael is 61 fuckin years old. Its just monumentally stupid as all out fuck, and you all know it. They could have done better. The should have done better. They CAN do better.

    • Andy Neal

      It is monumentally stupid as all out fuck for anyone to think that 61 is too old for someone to go on a killing spree and realistically still be strong and agile enough to do so. People can still work as a firefighters above that age and you think it’s stupid to have a movie character slash a few people at 61? It’s really not that old.

      • nrkist

        Old Man strength is real. Hashtag this to all your friends. Awareness is the only way to combat this.

    • This is why it is a bad idea to make Michael Myers a normal human being, in a sequel to a film where Michael was unkillable. Danny McBride honestly needs to re-watch the original if he thinks Halloween 4 and beyond are the films that made him invulnerable.

    • Matt Cløude

      Michael Rooker and Bruce Willis are 60 years old…
      Pretty sure I can buy into the fact of a 61 year old killer.

      • nrkist

        I totally forgot about the killing spree those guys went on during the last purge in South Pasedena :).

        Everything going on in Hollywood is really outrageous right now, but let’s not forget that we need to be tracking down these two, and bringing them to justice before they kill off Laurie Strode.

    • Riding The Bus With Spooks

      They should get Castle to do it. I would actually pay to see that.have him get billing. NICK CASTLE RETURNS AS THE SHAPE. I think that would get people fired up.

  • Shane o mac

    Another delay? Man Halloween and F13 are some cursed movie franchises

    • This is actually the first time this film has been delayed. And the release date is still the same; only filming was delayed. The delays of the cancelled Halloween 3D and Halloween Returns have nothing to do with this studio.

      • Shane o mac

        But the movie once again got delayed. It doesn’t matter what studio gots it cuz the franchise is cursed

        • No, it hasn’t. This movie has never been delayed. You are thinking of Halloween Returns, which has nothing to do with this studio.

      • nrkist

        You are saying the film isn’t delayed, but that isn’t what is being reported. The filming has DEFINITELY been delayed, and the studio hasn’t addressed anything as to how that effects the release.

        That’s a pretty tight schedule for a big budget reboot.

        It’s definitely not inspiring confidence.

        On a side note…what are the chances that William Shatner makes an appearance in this film as a gag?

        • The shooting has been delayed. The film itself has not (yet). If they start in January, they will have time to make the release date.

          • nrkist

            I don’t think so. If anything, Oct 2019 release, if they are going to start in Jan 2018.

            It also calls into question why even the BEGINNING OF PRODUCTION has been set back. They are STILL casting?!

            I don’t think this is coming out next year. They have a better cast option for a film in 2019, and/or rewrites from studio. There is no way mid-Jan to mid-Oct, and it’s actually fully produced, rather than a rush-job.

            I have two predictions about this film though, because Danny McBride is a funny and smart guy. It will definitely have one of the Stranger Things kids in it, and it will definitely have a Shatner cameo if he doesn’t step in for Donald Pleasence’s character/archetype himself.

          • Fact of the matter is that a release date delay has yet to be seen. For a slasher film, they still have plenty of time to cast and shoot. Let’s wait for the film itself to get delayed before we completely lose our minds.

  • sedoi

    I can’t watch any movie with Lee Curtis without laughing after Scream Queens.

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