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Neill Blomkamp is Next Turning Either ‘Firebase’ or ‘Zygote’ into Feature Film

But what about that Aliens sequel? No, it’s probably never happening.

Neill Blomkamp may not have released a feature film last year, but if you’re asking me, he did something way cooler. Blomkamp launched Oats Studios in 2017, a bold new creative venture that’s allowing him to work outside the Hollywood studio system and let his creativity truly run free. Through the Oats label, Blomkamp released a handful of incredible sci-fi/horror shorts last year, including the insane Firebase and the terrifying monster movie, Zygote.

This year, Blomkamp is looking to begin production on a feature length expansion of one of those shorts. Over on Twitter, Blomkamp announced that his next move will either be crowd-funding Firebase as a feature film or developing/crowd-funding Zygote as Oats’ first feature.

Blomkamp even set up a poll on Twitter last night, asking his fans which they’d rather see first. With over 3,000 votes, Firebase is currently in the lead with 51% of those votes.

No matter which film he makes first, Blomkamp says he plans on crowd-funding feature film expansions of both Firebase and Zygote, as well as Rakka.

If crowdfund works… expect hopefully a continuous stream of unrestricted sci-fi/horror/fantasy. Just have to get the engine started,” Blomkamp recently tweeted.



  • J Jett

    YES! both of those shorts were my favorites!! if i HAD to choose one i’d say FIREBASE would be it. it had a very interesting storyline and an antagonist that was scary and yet sympathetic at the same time.
    ZYGOTE was nothing new but it was completely awesome. that creature was freaky/scary as fuck! i hope Dakota Fanning will return if they make a film on that short.
    RAKKA was also great so i’m glad that that one is possibly coming too! i hope they bring Sigourney back for the feature film!

  • zombie84_41

    HELL YES! I hope he winds up making both as feature films they both kick ass. IDK which one I want to see more though, I hoping he makes that giant into a feature film or expand on it more. Firebase might be something cool to expand on. But If they do ZYGOTE I hope they add in more creatures, that creature was something straight out of Dead Space.

  • docmartin76

    What about Rakka? That and Zygote were my favs

    • J Jett

      in the article it says RAKKA is also one that Blomkamp would like to make into a full length film too! 🙂

      • docmartin76

        yep, I am an idiot

  • GunsOfNavarone

    I’d prefer Zygote. It’s rare I’m unnerved by monster movies anymore but the creature in that short was terrifying for some reason.

    • J Jett

      especially the wailing/screeching sound it made!

      • GunsOfNavarone

        And it was pretty quick and large. All those hands! – Freaky stuff. lol

        • Baron Von Marlon

          I read it’s been nicknamed Jazzhands =)

          • GunsOfNavarone


    • Jeff

      It’s just a wannabe remake of carpenter’s Thing. I liked it but imo it was really nothing special.

      • GunsOfNavarone

        But think about it, you’re reaching back to the early 80s there to compare it. To me it was more like the amalgamation monster from Leviathan, the way it adds to itself. But fx-wise it was really good and the thing was big. I think the design element that unnerved me were the amount of hands and lack of face.

        • docmartin76

          There is a good chance that there could/would be changes for a full length movie. I thought that short flashback from the blinded guy describing that light that consumed the others and almost got him would be cool to flesh out. The Thing is the single best horror movie ever imho

          • GunsOfNavarone

            Hopefully there would be, there’s nothing to say it would be the only creature. But I’d hope it would make an appearance as there could be some really cool scenarios featuring that thing. Also… The Thing prequel was largely a heap of crap so this would be welcome.

  • James

    Oh please let it be firebase.

  • buroot

    Wasnt there supposed to be one with a skinless body, skeleton and muscles only

  • Bruce Wayne

    I would like to see Firebase turned into an feature film. Zygote was fine and all, but it was, at it’s core, just an Remake of “the Thing”. And i also doubt, it would ever get to that Carpenter-level of quality. Firebase has an pretty fresh concept and a great setting. Except for Predator, the Vietnam War really hasn’t been used that often in horror movies. Just maybe cut the silly part at the end of the short movie, with the Elysium-armour. Make the confrontation between them two like a psychological battle. Than it has the potencial to be a great movie.

  • Silhouetters

    Firebase has the most potential in terms of being able to fill a whole film with its universe and lore.


  • Lil Malk

    While I’d love to see Zygote made into a feature-length film, I can definitely say I’ll be happy with whatever he goes with.

  • Jérémy Kuprowski

    Huh, that should be interesting. Blomkamp certainly has some pretty neat ideas and does know how to induces “geek-boners” , but he really lacks the skills to make it work properly… Both Zygote and Firebase lead to nowhere (not to mention Zygote was pretty much a mix of The Thing and Alien anyway).

    But oh well, we can expect plenty of gore anyway. So there’s that.

    • Baron Von Marlon

      I think the only thing he lacks are some solid writers.
      That Zygote and Firebase lead nowhere is because they’re more proof of concept trailers rather than short movies.

      • Jérémy Kuprowski

        I don’t know pal, while they were pretty impressive from a stylistic perspective, they still both lasted more than TWENTY minutes. At that point, it’s a not really considered a short anymore. You NEED to tell a story, to make us understand what’s going on. Here, both shorts (technically, they aren’t even shorts) could have lasted only ten minutes and have the same impact. It’s nice to have ideas, but you need to execute them well.

        And actually, even with his feature films, Blomkamp has proved to be very inconsistent as both Chappie and Elysium were subpar compared to District 9.

        Yes, sci-fi movies are great to showcase pretty SFX, but you need to have more than that to be memorable.

        • dsxy

          I look forward to seeing your work, I’m guessing it will easily surpass Alien.

          • Jérémy Kuprowski

            Oh god please, people are still using that shitty argument in 2018? You do realize it means absolutely nothing right?

            By using your logic, no one has to right to make any criticism. You can’t say a meal taste bad/is too cold/too spicy because you’re not a cook. You cannot say the book your read wasn’t well-written because you’re not an author. You can’t say that someone can’t sing or that his song is a cacophony because you’re not a musician.

            Do you even realize how bland and unproductive this dumb argument is? Of course I wouldn’t ever be able to make something better than Alien, I’m not a director and I have no desire to become one. It doesn’t mean I’m unable to see the qualities and the flaws of a movie. Because I’m not a mindless zombie and I can form some kind of opinion.

          • dsxy

            I just knew it would make you whine even more.

          • Jérémy Kuprowski

            You got me wrong. I can hardly criticize the idea behind the project, and I can’t deny that the possibilities of having even more content is pleasing all the same. I respect Blomkamp for what he does, for his projects.

            But in the end,I’m still entitled to have my own opinion. And in the end I still believe his shorts to be deeply flawed. Yes, every movie is. But it still feels more like a graphical demo than anything else. Even his ADAM movies (which are pretty impressive-looking, and actually have some metaphorical elements that are quite worth the watch), are still leading to nowhere in the end.

            You can say that it’s purpose is to demonstrate something, to see if it pleases before making something bigger. But once again, that kind of argument works for something between 1 and 10 minutes long. When it’s 20-25 minutes long, you need to tell a story, to have interesting characters to keep the viewer interested and invested in your universe. Which both Zygote and Rakka lacked.

            Admittedly, Firebase really got me hooked and has a lot of potential. But that’s about it IMO. I know we’re saying about cinema “show,don’t tell”, but when what you show is only cool,gory and flashy, you don’t tell anything.

  • Baron Von Marlon

    I prefer Firebase, but I’ll be donating anyway.
    “a continuous stream of unrestricted sci-fi/horror/fantasy” is something the current movie business needs.

  • garry stirrup

    Zygote won’t work…but Firebase has more than enough in it to expand I to a full.length feature.

    • J Jett

      why wouldn’t ZYGOTE work?

  • Geno1987

    I would like to see Zygote first but Firebase seems like a much less cost productive story to tell, with it being set in the outdoor jungles over an expensive indoor set.

  • Guro Taku

    I’m really curious what kinds of budgets he has in mind for these feature film expansions. I could see him raising a million or two via crowdfunding but even a mid-budget genre film these days costs 30-40 million.

    • dsxy

      District 9 was done on a shoestring and its effects hold up quite well.

      It depends how he approaches this, he’s got a big enough name and an established track record (regardless of if you like his work or not) that he could get a decent amount of sponsorship, independent funding deals/grants or even % of profit for work.

      The Kickstarter, I imagine, will just be so cash is available for some pay/day to day costs that couldn’t be included in any kind of partnership.

      This is all guesswork of course!

      Either way, he’s pretty decent and we need more sci-fi horrors to come out.

      • Guro Taku

        DISTRICT 9 had a reported production budget of $30 million (via boxofficemojo), which is exactly the budget range I mentioned above. Supposedly Blomkamp was able to recycle a lot of the pre-production/effects work already done by WETA for his defunct HALO movie, which helped him keep costs so low. Raising $30 million via Kickstarter will still be quite a feat if he pulls it off. Mind, I absolutely love his three short films RAKKA, FIREBASE and CYGOTE and would love nothing more than to see him get to make them as full features.

  • Bodenland

    My problem with Zygote is that I don’t believe a human can be fooled to think he is an android.

  • Bobby1181

    And here I was hoping for a Cooking with Bill movie.

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