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Marco Beltrami’s Score For ‘Scream’ and ‘Scream 2’ Coming to Vinyl


Anyone who has watched horror from the mid-90’s onwards knows the music of composer Marco Beltrami. That’s not a joke either. Let me run through a few titles you might have heard of: Hellboy, Blade II, Resident Evil, Dracula 2000, The Watcher, Cursed, Red Eye, The Omen, The Faculty, My Soul to Take, and that’s not even the half of it. The man is beyond prolific, having over 100 composer credits on IMDb.

But where the majority of horror fans most likely first heard him was Wes Craven’s meta slasher Scream, of which he composed the music for the whole franchise (but not the TV series). For many fans, his music was an integral part of the Scream experience and,furthermore, stood very well on its own merits. For fans of vinyl, they haven’t been able to experience the joy of the score on wax. But that’ll change on September 16th.

The folk over at Bull Moose have a listing for a vinyl pressing of the scores of Scream and Scream 2, which is going to be pressed on “bone white” vinyl. I’m guessing the marketing team didn’t think to call it “Ghostface White”?

It looks like the pressing will be 1xLP, so there might only be select cues from both films. While that’s disappointing, the cover is anything but! It captures the tone of the movie as well as highlighting the iconic killer. In the gaping mouth is a telephone dialpad while the handle of the hunting knife is the phone itself. As for the house at the bottom, you can barely see Casey’s body hanging from the tree in the front yard. Very cool!

You can see the cover below.




  • Braker

    “Have you ever felt a knife cut through human flesh and scrape the bone beneath?”

    So, yeah, bone white makes sense.

  • REC03

    i have to say Marco is one of the most disappointing composers ever. he literally peeked with his first score Scream which is indeed amazing. his horror cues and Sid’s theme are so, so good. then things got blander and blander. his scores for Terminator 3 and Scream 4 for instance are so unmemorable.

  • WheatBandit

    Did a little more research into this release. Looks like there is a separate variant at fye. White with red splatter.

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