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Marilyn Manson Announces New Album ‘Say10’: Valentines Day 2017 Release Date Planned

Last night was the third annual Alternative Press Music Awards show, also known as the APMAs. Full of live performances and honoring a side of music that more “mainstream” ceremonies seem to pass over, the event is a celebration of rock, punk, alternative, and metal.

For example, shock rocker Marilyn Manson was there to receive the 2016 Icon Award, the show’s “ultimate honor”, as a way of honoring the artist for his achievements over the years, including nine albums and journeys into acting and art.

While there, Manson was interviewed by Alternative Press where he broke the news that he is going to release his 10th studio album Say10 on Valentines Day next year! The album name is actually a bit of a pun as it refers to it being the 10th album but it also sounds like “Satan” when said aloud.*

Manson’s last album was 2015’s The Pale Emperor, which I stated was, “…very solid and ranks high in the overall history…” in my review.

*How many of you just tried saying it aloud and went, “Oh yeah!”?




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