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[Exclusive] All That Remains Enter the “Safe House” in New Music Video

Welcome to my safe house. Do you feel safe now?

Earlier this month, acclaimed metalcore band All That Remains debuted a new single off their upcoming eighth studio album titled “Safe House, and we’re incredibly excited to exclusively share the lyric video for that brand new track. The song was inspired by Showtime series “Dexter,” and we figured that the horror movie aesthetics of the video would appeal to you guys.

The concept was explained to us as follows:

The idea behind it was like, what if Dexter wasn’t a forensic guy for the police, but was a dude that just kind of set his house up so that it invited home invasion and he used that as his excuse for smoking people? Kind of like it leads the character into the house and into a place where [Dexter] can get away with killing people.

Great idea for a horror movie, huh? Also a great idea for a music video. Check it out below!

The new All That Remains album is headed our way this Spring.



  • KSE1977

    Acclaimed? Hmm an interesting adjective for a band that does not get much love from most Metal circles. I applaud their longevity, but their lead singer has trouble hitting his notes outside of the studio.

  • Daniel Anderson

    Haven’t cared for their stuff since his voice started going out and they began going more radio friendly. This is a breath of fresh air. Want to see it live and see how they do.

  • Crinn

    wow. that was actually not bad considering the shit theyve been putting out the past decade

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