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[SYNTHWAVE FURY] Vampire Step-Dad Brings the 80s Feels

There’s something strange in the neighborhood…

With a name like Vampire Step-Dad how could we not check this out? His most recent release, Love Bites, takes us on a dreamy journey that tells “the tragic story of an undying love for those that inevitably die.” It’s a concept album that works especially well and all of the tracks blend together for one extended experience that doesn’t take itself too seriously. Seriously, look at the track listing. I think ‘The Cough (where a little blood comes out)’ might be my favorite track, and not just for the name. The EP oozes nostalgia and is sure to bring out some 80’s inspired feels.  Those sax solos…

Vampire Step-Dad opening for Carpenter Brut

Vampire Step-Dad recently opened up for Carpenter Brut on his NA tour and I expect (and hope) we’ll be seeing a lot more of him in the future. Check out Love Bites below, the digital album is available for just $6 on bandcamp.

Vampire Step-Dad on



  • Vampire Step-Dad

    Thanks for the kind words! There will be video of the show available soon! Be sure to subscribe so you don’t miss it!

    • MaryMaria

      Hey! I’m sorry to say I hadn’t heard of your music until now, but I’m loving it. Love the name and step-dad (step-vlad?) artwork, too. I’ve got tickets to Carpenter Brut this Sunday in B.C., will you be opening for him then?

      • Vampire Step-Dad

        No, sorry! I was just the local opener for the Atlanta show. :/

        I’m glad you’re digging the music!

        • MaryMaria

          Ah damn! Lucky Atlanta. Thanks for the response, and keep making music!

        • Red Ghost

          I was was good…nice sized crowd

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