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[Exclusive] Listen to “Investigate” by tomandandy From the ‘Wish Upon’ Soundtrack

Composed by duo tomandandy (Resident Evil: Retribution, 47 Meters Down), “Investigate” effectively sets up a tension filled scene with a menacingly minimal electronic sound in the upcoming horror thriller, Wish Upon, from director John R Leonetti (Annabelle). Lakeshore Records will release both the original soundtrack and an original score album for the film Wish Upon digitally on July 14, 2017.

We have an exclusive listen to the the track below!

Born in 1990s’ New York City, tomandandy has long been a mysterious and subversive force in music for media. tomandandy has created original music for feature films by Academy Award®-winning filmmakers, including Oliver Stone and Roger Avary; produced music with recording artists, among them Lou Reed and David Byrne; and collaborated with such artists as author William Burroughs, performance artist Laurie Anderson and visual artist Jenny Holzer. Their recent credits include scores for Resident Evil: RetributionThere Are Monsters and the recently released 47 Meters Down.

You can pre-order here –

WISH UPON – Original Soundtrack

  1. All We Ever Wanted – Hey Violet
  2. Be Careful What You Wish For – Wayfarers
  3. Kids (Ain’t Alright) – Grace Mitchell
  4. Night Lies (Feat. Lizzy Land) – Mating Ritual
  5. Tear The Roof Down – Kil The Giant
  6. Drippin’ – Lili Ray
  7. Don’t Take My Summer Away –Truli
  8. Wait To Long – Leo Soul Ft. Lili Ray
  9. Let The Devil Drive – Confidant
  10. I Feel The Love – Sly and The Family Stallone
  11. Were You Surprised (OMG!) – Royal Cinema
  12. The Wish Box – tomandandy

Wish Upon (Original Motion Picture Score)


  1. The Wish Box
  2. Opening
  3. First Wish
  4. Dream
  5. Second Wish
  6. Crawl
  7. Vault
  8. Extended Family
  9. Third Wish
  10. Like Her
  11. Proposal
  12. Maybe
  13. Investigate
  14. Gina
  15. Lost
  16. Intrude
  17. Disposal
  18. June BBQ
  19. Out of Here
  20. Flat
  21. Wracked
  22. Wrong
  23. Two Wishes Left
  24. A New Day
  25. Curiosity




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