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Quick Look: Resident Evil #2

The second issue of the Resident Evil comic came out a couple days ago. I didn’t know what to think of the first issue and hoped the second issue would shed a little bit more light on this mini-series. Hit the break for more info…
ResEvi21 Well the second issue is pretty much the same story as the first. I won’t go too much into it but people are still IN SPACE!!! I picked up this series because Wildstorm said it would explain all the events prior to the video game, Resident Evil 5; but we are two issues in and there still really isn’t any connections to the two.

The bottom line is the comic is not bad, but it feels just like a generic zombie comic with a Resident Evil skin. Similar to the comic adaptation of the upcoming video game Prototype, it does not have connect or flesh out any of their respective video game plots. I cannot suggest purchasing this comic unless you are a die hard Resident Evil fan, but you might just want to wait for the trade paper back. Wildstorm, please get it together for the rest of the series.



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