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Halo-8 Plans To Re-Tell The Medusa Legend With ‘Medusa: Year One’!

This past weekend at C2E2 there were few names as prevalent as Matt Pizzolo’s Halo-8 production company. The group took the convention by storm announcing plenty of huge projects with such industry favorites as Tim Seeley (“HACK/SLASH”, “LOADED BIBLE”) and Ben Templesmith (“WORMWOOD”, “30 DAYS OF NIGHT”) and even some original in house projects. One of these projects is a retelling of the Medusa myth with “MEDUSA: YEAR ONE”. Inside you can get all the details on the project straight from the con itself, and get a first look at some advance artwork. Read on for the skinny.

Company Head Matt Pizzolo Described “MEDUSA: YEAR ONE” As…

“It’s a re-envisioning of the Medusa origin. The starting point is Ovid’s version of Medusa where she’s a beautiful Greek maiden unjustly toyed with and cursed by the gods, not simply a monster from the start. So she’s the protagonist, and even though it will be a tonal shift from my recent stuff it’s still gonna knock you on your ass. It’ll mix the vengeful aggression of BRAVEHEART with the doomed romance of TITANIC… but y’know if TITANIC was badass and Kate Winslet was tearing people to shreds and throwing them overboard. This will deal with Medusa’s defiance of the gods and the love story of two regular people fighting back against a corrupt power structure. Most of the stuff I’ve been doing lately is really racy and edgy so this will change things up a bit, but since it’s all about defying gods it’s a pretty straight line from GODKILLER and LOADED BIBLE… even THE LONG KNIVES with its tagline “God hears your screams, he just doesn’t care.” Apparently I have god issues.”

“MEDUSA: YEAR ONE” will be made into both an illustrated film and a comic book, but thus far we don’t have any release date info for either. Likely the story will see a release sometime this Fall.

About Halo-8 Entertainment

“Halo-8 Entertainment ( is a Hollywood-2.0 movie studio using bleeding-edge strategies to create and distribute daring new films and lifestyle videos. Recent releases include the megapopular animated series Xombie: Dead On Arrival (which Bloody Disgusting called “one of the best online animated series to date”), the legendary NY hardcore documentary N.Y.H.C. (which Cinematical called “smashing… a terrific, well-told, engaging story”), the award-winning hardcore-punk thriller Threat (which Urb Magazine said “makes ‘Kids’ look like an after-school special”), and the campy, interactive horror-DVD-game Slumber Party Slaughterhouse: The Game (starring Tiffany Shepis, Joanna Angel, Melissa Bacelar, Masuimi Max). Upcoming releases include the erotic-art documentary The New Erotic (featuring XXX-auteurs Eon McKai, Kimberly Kane, Dave Naz, Jack The Zipper, Alejandra Guerrero), and the iconoclastic hero’s journey Godkiller (which Wired called “a horrific yarn of apocalypse, quantum physics, culture jamming, and conspiracy theory”).”



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