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EXCLUSIVE: Halo-8 Releases New info On ‘Loaded Bible’, Tim Seeley Talks Voice Casting!

This past weekend at C2E2 it was made official that the long rumored adaptation of the “HACK/SLASH” scribe’s “LOADED BIBLE” comic would be made into an illustrated film by Halo-8. While I was at the con I was able to catch up with Tim, and despite the interruption of pesky panels, we were able to sit and talk about all of his projects including “LOADED BIBLE”. Inside you can read what Tim had to say about the project in our exclusive one-on-one, and the creator even gives us some insight on what we might be able to expect from the voice casting! Read on for the skinny!

Here Is What The Crew Had To Say About The Project At C2E2…

“Pizzolo pointed out “this is a bit of an experiment to see if we can make an illustrated film from an existing comic or if it’ll just be a motion comic. It’s a nuanced difference, but it’s important to us. Tim completed three issues that were released by Image Comics before we joined forces with him for the the illustrated film, but in order to run feature length the film requires at least three more issues… so we’ll be working with Tim to design those new issues for the illustrated film as well as the comic. So it’ll be a fun experiment to see how all this shakes down.”

While we were at the C2E2 convention we were also able to catch up with the “LOADED BIBLE” scribe himself, Tim Seeley, regarding the project. Here is what he had to say…

“You know the thing about “GODKILLER” was that it was made for that so they had enough length for it to be a feature length film. You know 3 double sized issues of “LOADED BIBLE” would be about 60 minutes or so, not feature length, so Matt and i were talking…we need to put out another “LOADED BIBLE” book. So we’ll get another book out and that will be the last part of the feature story.”

As far as the blending of the comic and the illustrated film Tim had this to ad “We didn’t design it to be (an illustrated film). Ben is doing a project designed specifically for the format itself, and this we thought about doing it afterwords, so it will be a little bit of an experiment I think. You know I trust Matt though with what he’ll do.”

“I’m totally fascinated with how it will work out. It will be a learning experience for both of us. We may sit down and we may go ‘you know there’s still not enough content’ and maybe we will go ahead and do something new to make it work out. You know he’s a crazy bastard, he liked the idea of the book, and I really want to do an illustrated film film version of it. It’s not a type of story you’re ever going to see an actual movie made out of it. They’re just never going to make a movie about Jesus fighting vampires. This is a great way to do it and give it to a new audience without having to worry about how you are going to offend everybody.”

When asked about who might lend their voice talents to the project he laughed adding, “You know he threw some at me and I was like ‘really, you can get that, you can do that?!’ So I’m not sure, he doesn’t have anybody nailed down yet but he was talking about getting Jason Mewes which I think would be f***ing awesome! But yea that was one of the fun things kicking names back and forth.”

Thanks to Tim for speaking with us about this project, and be sure to keep checking back as we bring you more from Tim from the Con and all the latest news regarding Halo-8, Loaded Bible, The Long Knives, Medusa: Year One, Godkiller, and MORE here at’s Graphic Content!



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