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A First Look At The Next issue In ‘Life Of Agony’ Frontman Alan Robert’s ‘Wire Hangers’

When we previewed the first issue of “WIRE HANGERS” last month, I mentioned the very impressive visuals that the artwork lent to the story. But this month I have to ask: am i the only one who sees striking similarities to Ben Templesmith’s (“CHOKER”, “30 DAYS OF NIGHT”) character artwork in “CHOKER”? Maybe I’m just losing it, after all I do read 15 to 20 comics a week, but the second I saw the following preview I had to double-check and make sure the artist wasn’t doing a guest spot for the title. In any event inside you can read the first 5 pages of the second issue before it drops tomorrow.

WRITTEN BY: Alan Robert
INKS BY: Robert and Nelson

“Creator Alan Robert (of the popular hard rock group Life of Agony) continues his twisted horror/conspiracy series, suggested for mature readers.ÊWith New York City’s abductions still on the rise, the Feds target Cypra, a mysterious homeless man, as the prime suspect in the Suicide King Killer case. But, when things don’t add up, Detective Barillo stumbles upon new evidence that just may lead to the conspirators behind a secret plot.”

“WIRE HANGERS” Issue #2 Drops Tomorrow From IDW Publishing! (MSRP-$3.99)



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