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IDW Sings A Song For ‘Saya’ In This 5 Page Look Inside Issue #3!

For those of you who might have missed my interview with the masterminds behind IDW Publishing’s intensely graphic “SONG OF SAYA”, you can go here to check it out. “SONG OF SAYA” is one of the most intricate yet disturbing stories running right now, and the newest issue is no different. Utilizing the talents of Ocvirk and Liatowitsch to perfection, along with the mind-blowing illustrations by Yair Herrera, the story is one not to be missed. Inside you can read the first 5 pages of the third issue and see for yourself. Read on for the skinny.

WRITTEN BY: Todd Ocvirk, Daniel Liatowitsch

“Based on the Japanese smash-hit PC game, in this stunning and heartbreaking conclusion, Josh and Saya track down the rogue doctors performing barbaric, experimental surgeries on human subjects… all in a quest to gain access to Saya’s world. Josh and Saya’s pledge to put a stop to it all culminates in a blood-soaked, mind-blowing finale in which they both pay the ultimate price.”

“SONG OF SAYA” Issue #3 Drops This Month From IDW Publishing! (MSRP-$3.99)



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