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The Making Of A Monster: Rafael Albuquerque Reveals The Process Behind Covering ‘American Vampire’

Ever wonder what it takes to bring the cover of a comic book to life? It isn’t easy, and often times an illustrator can find him/herself pulling their hair out over the cover to the book than the actual contents. It is hard to come up with something eye-catching that is going to pull new readers in month in and month out, but for the folks over at Vertigo and their ubber hit, “AMERICAN VAMPIRE”, things seem to come easy. The covers are always great, and thanks to their official blog you can make the jump to check out the process

“We really loved the floor detail, the juxtaposition of candy and blood is just sickly weird. And the Eruo fam was cool, but we liked that sexy couple in the back, Bernard and Lucia, and since they figure prominently in this issue we wanted to bring them to the front.

So Rafael did another sketch.”

“He brought our Euro-vamp lovers to the front (sort of echoes a certain, popular, tween vamp movie, no?) and included another idea for the top part. That’s Skinner relieving himself on the Mayor’s doorstep, shadows of two cops surrounding him. We thought that was a little much. Even for a Vertigo cover. Back to the candy and the blood and the floor. But we were still missing a final detail…

Rafael went back to the candy and blood, kept Bernard and Lucia front and center, then just added that last, final detail—the cigarette holder—the quintessential accessory for all those Jazz Age girls—even vampires.”

“Now we have blood, candy, and a sexy vampire couple clearly set in the ‘20’s. Perfect. All you have to do now is read the issue and find out what it all means!”

The FULL Write Up Can Be Found Over At Vertigo’s Blog


“The era of the American vampire officially begins as Pearl Jones declares war on the powerful coven of vampires that ended her life, and Skinner Sweet declares war on, well, everyone! Scores will be settled in blood in this installment, the third of five over-sized issues featuring stories by author Scott Snyder and the master of horror himself, Stephen King. Retailers please note: This issue will ship with two covers. Please see the Previews Order Form for more information.”

“AMERICAN VAMPIRE” Issue #3 Is Available NOW From Vertigo Comics! (MSRP-$3.99)

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