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Anne Rice Joins In On The Summer Vampire Battle With ‘Female Force’

With all of the fuss over the ‘new wave’ of quoteunquote horror novelists such as Stephanie Meyer, L.A Banks, and Charlaine Harris it is easy to overlook the woman who came before them and paved the way for their stories to become such huge successes. Of course I am talking about Anne Rice (“INTERVIEW WITH A VAMPIRE”) who after swearing off of horror for a more ‘religious’ approach to literature(Whatever that meant), decided to make her return to the genre a few years back. Well now it has been announced that her story ‘FEMALE FORCE’ will be getting treated into comic form just in time to join in on the big vampire blitz that is going on this Summer. Inside you can see the first 5 (unlettered) pages of the story that goes on sale June 30th. Read on for the skinny.

WRITTEN BY: Scott Davis
COVERS BY: Juan Mar and Vincent Deporter

“Anne Rice’s uniquely gothic, sensuous, and existential approach redefined the modern vampire mythology. Shaped by personal tragedies, critical successes and failures, and a fervent rediscovery of her Catholic roots, Rice has penned over 27 novels from the supernatural to historical tomes, erotica and religious themes. But Anne Rice’s life is just as interesting as the tales she spins.”

“ANNE RICE: FEMALE FORCE” Drops June 30th From Blue Water Comics! (MSRP-$3.99)



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