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FIRST LOOK: A 6 Page Look At Michael Moreci’s Mini Zombie Epic, ‘Quarantined’!



Rarely do we cover web-comics here at Graphic Content, and it isn’t that we have anything against them, in fact it is quite the opposite, but honestly there just aren’t very many going right now that are A) in the genre, and B) worth your time. However, one story that is definitely worth your time is Michael Moreci’s Indie effort “QUARANTINED” that was recently released via Insomnia Publications. Thanks to the author we have an exclusive 6 page preview from the first chapter that is available now. Read on for the skinny!

WRITTEN BY: Michael Moreci
INKS BY: Lauren Anne Sharp
LETTERS BY: Jim Campbell

“In a small town in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, a virus of unknown origin turns nearly every man, woman, and child into a vicious killing machine. The military shuts down the borders—no way in, no way out.

A group of uninfected is trapped within the town, abandoned with dwindling resources. These survivors, led by Henry Foreman, must fight against the mayhem caused by the infected, as well as the paranoia growing between themselves.

Sparked by a mysterious stranger, the survivors dig into the town’s secrets as they hatch their escape—yet none of them are prepared for what they discover.”

“QUARANTINED” Issue #1 Is Available NOW Via Ebook!


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