Things Get Nasty As The Cops Look To Lock Cypra Away For Good In ‘Wire Hangers’ Issue #3

The “Life Of Agony” front-man’s recent mini-series from IDW Publishing titled “WIRE HANGERS” has been a very pleasant surprise as it has delivered not only some very iconic moments, but also fantastic artwork to go along with a similarly engaging storyline. Though the series has yet to be a runaway hit for the singer turned comic book author you can definitely chalk this one up to a hidden gem. Inside you can get a 6 page preview of the third issue that goes on sale July 8th. Read on for the skinny.

WRITTEN BY: Alan Robert
COVERS BY: Alan Robert and Nelson DeCastro

“Evidence is piling up against Cypra, and the NYPD are close to locking up the Suicide King Killer for good. But, do they have the wrong man in their sights?”

“WIRE HANGERS” Issue #3 Drops July 8th From IDW Publishing! (MSRP-$3.99)