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Captain America Smash! A Hulked Out Cap Takes on Wolverine In ‘World War Hulks’!

You wouldn’t be able to tell, but that is Wolverine on the cover of this one, not the Weapon-X version of Sasquatch. As part of their ongoing “WORLD WAR HULKS” storyline, Marvel Comics are taking two of their most popular characters and throwing them in the ring for a free for all in the streets of Washington D.C. Inside you can get a front row seat for the showdown with a 6 page preview of the first issue of the all new 2 part mini-series event! Read on for the skinny.

WRITTEN BY: Brian Dean Clevinger and Paul Tobin
ILLUSTRATIONS BY: Gurihiru and Jacopo Camagni and Barry Kitson

“You’ve seen what happens when you hulk out a hero but what does Doc Samson’s deadly Cathexis ray do to a stone-cold killer? Or two? In the aftermath of World War Hulk, Wolverine and Bucky Barnes, aka the new Captain America, are off the chain and out of control. It’s claws against a soldier’s instinct in a battle destined to prove which of these two WW2 vets is really the best there is at what they do!”

“WORLD WAR HULKS: CAPTAIN AMERICA VS WOLVERINE” Issue #1 (Of 2) Drops Wednesday From Marvel Comics! (MSRP-$3.99)



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