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FIRST LOOK: The Epic 611th Issue Of ‘The Incredible Hulk’!

With “WORLD WAR HULKS” in full swing and publisher Marvel Comics ‘hulking out’ all of your favorite heroes (and villains) you might be wondering to yourself, “Theo, are there any COOL things going on in the world of the big green machine?”. In fact after Marvel made the announcement that they will not be bringing back fan favorite Edward Norton to play the Green Machine in the upcoming “AVENGERS” film you might just be ready to start egging the publisher’s office building. (Just don’t mention my name) But never fear hopeless Marvel faithful, because there is hope, and it comes to you in the form of this UNLETTERED 4 page preview of the epic 611th issue of “THE INCREDIBLE HULK”. Read on for the skinny.

COVERS BY: John Romita JR.

“THE HULK HAS RETURNED. And three years of epic storytelling explodes as GREK PAK and PAUL PELLETIER bring you the biggest conclusion imaginable–SKAAR, SON OF HULK, finally confronts the father who abandoned him at birth in pain and fire. It’s the heartrending, senses-shattering climax to WORLD WAR HULKS–and the Incredible Hulks will never be the same!”

“THE INCREDIBLE HULK” Issue #611 Drops August 11th From Marvel Comics! (MSRP-$3.99)

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