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OMFG Of The Day: Carnage Returns To The Marvel Universe This October!

Consider this the “its about freakin’ time” portion of your news today. Comic Book Resources has broke the news that the psychotic symbiote Carnage will be returning to the illustrated page this October for an all new mini-series. The character has been on a 5 year hiatus since his “death” within the pages of “NEW AVENGERS” after The Sentry flew Cletus Kasady into space and tore the character in half. Since that issue all the way back in 2005 the monster has been a non-issue for the heroes (and villains) of the Marvel universe but thanks to writer Zeb Wells and illustrator Clayton Craine that will all change in October. The series will be centered around the now “adult” symbiote and Spiderman (his year couldn’t be any less fun so far could it?) and will also contain some cameos from Iron Man and other Marvel heavy hitters. Below you can take a look at the first artwork from the series.



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