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Viper Comics ‘Re-Imagining’ ‘Nosferatu’ For An Original Graphic Novel?

Today news broke that Indie publisher Viper Comics are planning on releasing an original graphic novel this year titled ‘NOSFERATU’. Wait. The same “NOSFERATU” from the 1922 silent film classic you ask? Yes. Yes it is. In what they are calling a ‘re-imagining’ the company plan to do a bit of an makeover on certain plot elements as well as adding some new players. Sound scary? That’s what I thought, too. Read on for the skinny.

Comic Monsters Had This To Say…

“The graphic novel “Nosferatu” reimagines the classing 1922 film with a modern-day cast. The exception, however, is the very ancient and very evil Count Orlok.

A young photographer by the name of Tommy Hutter leaves her home and her girlfriend Elle behind. What is intended to be a short stay with in an eccentric Count’s humble abode soon turns into something much worse.”



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