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Bloodthirsty Gargoyles Take On The NYPD In Aspen’s ‘The Scourge’!

These aren’t the Gargoyles you remember from your Saturday morning cartoons as a kid. Today Indie publisher Aspen released an all new 5 page preview of their newest horror title “THE SCOURGE” which you can find after you make the jump. The title boasts some pretty stellar artwork, and from the looks of things there might be a little bit more to love in this one than most horror comic fans are used to in an Indie title. Read on for the skinny.

WRITTEN BY: Scott Lobdell

“They are taking over…

The skies of New York City are no longer safe. In mere hours, the greatest metropolis on the planet is turned into an island of horrors, as a virus rapidly advances throughout the city transforming its citizens into savage, bloodthirsty gargoyles!! Amidst the outbreak, one man, NYPD SWAT officer John Griffin finds himself as the last remaining hope to prevent the cataclysmic spread of the virus from the island, locating his estranged son within the chaos, and saving the city itself from complete annihilation!”

“THE SCOURGE” Issue #1 Drops September 1st From Aspen Comics! (MSRP-$2.99)



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