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Niles And Fabry Team-Up With Wildstorm For Insane new Horror Title, ‘Lot 13’

This past weekend DC imprint Wildstorm made the announcement via their official blog that writer Steve Niles (“30 DAYS OF NIGHT”) would be teaming with illustrating mastermind Glenn Fabry (“PREACHER”, “HELLBLAZER”) for an all new original horror titled called “LOT 13”. When asked to talk about the series the artist seemed to have so much to say that he couldn’t find a way to convey it in a coherent manner, but from what we gather the series sounds like it is going to be bloody bit of fun just in time for the holiday. Details below.

Here’s What Fabry Says About The Title…

Glenn Fabry: “It’s the story of this poor unfortunate family who are having difficultly while moving house and they’ve decided they’re going to stop off at this motel in America. This motel thing kind of mysteriously appears. They’re tired, and they’re gonna stay the evening in this motel. But it’s haunted, and there are zombies and monsters — and zombie horses. I’m trying to find a way to get a zombie duck in there… We’ve got an enormous giant, who’s about four-hundred-feet tall. Little red people fall out of his chest into his crotch and land on the floor and explode. I’m basically trying for a combination of George A. Romero kind of horror and Spirited Away by Miyazaki, a germ of that kind of stuff. It’s actually the best work I’ve done for some years. I’m enjoying the project, and it’s looking really nice as far as I’m concerned. And it should be available in a couple of months, I think, the first issue. It’s gonna be six issues, and I’ve got my fingers crossed that it will sell well enough to be collected in a graphic novel. Then I can make a fortune and go away and rule the world from a private island.”

“LOT 13” Drops Later This Fall From DC Wildstorm!



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