Alabaster Graves Continues To 'Drive The Dead' This Wednesday With A 6 Page Preview Of Issue #2! - Bloody Disgusting
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Alabaster Graves Continues To ‘Drive The Dead’ This Wednesday With A 6 Page Preview Of Issue #2!



When the first issue of “DRIVER FOR THE DEAD” dropped a few months back I was absolutely amazed as to how well it was actually put together. The book had everything to offer readers who were hoping for a good old fashioned chill-ride based in the deep South and then some. So here’s hoping that the second issue of the series, which drops this Wednesday, has the same staying power as the first. But if the 6 page preview we have for you beyond the break is any barometer then it doesn’t look like fans will have anything to worry about. Read on for the skinny!

WRITTEN BY: John Heffernan

“After successfully retrieving the body of Mose Freeman, Alabaster Graves and Mose’s great-grandaughter Marissa Freeman are headed back to New Orleans to give the renowned witch doctor a proper burial. Unfortunately for them, the undead patchwork necromancer Uriah Fallow is hot on their trail and he’s after Mose’s most protected secret. When Fallow captures Marissa, it’s up to Graves to get her back, and the only ally he’s got is the mysterious magic of Grandma Hattie. But what is Mose’s secret and how will Graves rescue Marissa?”

“DRIVER FOR THE DEAD” Issue #2 Drops September 29th From Radical Comics! (MSRP-$4.99)


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