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KILLER-GRAPHICS #10: Kyle Crawford Talks Electric Zombie’s New Fall Range! (PT2/2)

Alright folks, well in case you missed it, yesterday we brought you the first half of our exclusive one-on-one sit down with Electric Zombie owner and founder Kyle Crawford regarding the new line of horror inspired clothing he has dropping this Sunday for his Fall line. Well today we are back, and inside you can find the conclusion of the interview with Kyle as well as some more pics from the range dropping 10/10/10. Read on for the skinny!

THEoDEAD:“This line also contains something that I found very odd, but at the same time very very cool and that is what looks to be a military jacket. The reason I say odd is that it seems a lot more scaled down from the jackets you’ve done in the past. There’s no gore, no giant print on the back. However, it is probably my personal favorite from the teaser. What can you tell us about this one?”

Kyle Crawford:“I’m a massive jacket freak. Women buy shoes, I buy jackets. It’s really weird, I own some jackets that I’ve never worn, probably won’t even ever wear. There’s something about it. The way it’s cut, the features. I took something that I collect and that I’m into, really analyzed my favorite jackets, noted the specs I liked, and was able to come up with something I really loved. I didn’t want to over brand it. Everything is very subtle. You have to treat something like this pretty delicately. I wanted to appeal to a new audience and wanted people to buy it because it looks and fits great. A new fan, might not be into it if it’s overly branded because they can’t (if it were me) 100% commit to something that has branding all over it. I feel like this jacket has can carry it’s own weight with out having something in your face to make it stand out. The inside has branding and the pocket lining as well as the zipper. But other than that I didn’t want to make any deal breakers by putting a big patch or something that could turn someone off from buying it. I played it safe while taking a huge risk. It’s my baby, and I’m pretty proud of it.”

THEoDEAD:“Since we have mentioned the teaser trailer, and all the promo shots so much already, why don’t you take us through the process behind putting one of these shoots together? How long does it take to get these things together? What goes into making the final product?”

Kyle Crawford:“This is probably the most boring answer ever…. Here goes…

ZERO THOUGHT goes into this, haha. This is more of a photographer question. I usually just book it with my friend Adam Elmakias, and he’ll just ask everyone from before if they’re free. Then we talk about how many locations, what types of locations, and every time he asks, it’s the same answers. “Not Sure Yet”. Everything is spur of the moment on my end. I just show him what I like, what I want, how I want them to be standing. Then it happens. I usually pick the shots I liked the same night and then I get all the shots a few days to a week later. There’s nothing nutty or crazy about doing it. We’re not too gimmicky to where I want prosthetics and whatnot. It’s about the shirts, about the girls and making it look good and having fun while doing it.”

THEoDEAD:“Awhile back in your blog you mentioned doing the “Electric Zombie Graveyard” where you would sell some of the old designs you had somehow or another gotten your hands on for those who were late to the EZ party. Is that still happening or have you sort of scrapped the idea?”

Kyle Crawford:“Well, the thing about that was, I actually had a few weekends planned for this and I went into the warehouse and started clearing shelf space and counting and organizing. I got to the mediums and realized, there’s just too much crap. Like way too much. The reason why this stock even exists is because when I put something on sale to clear the stock, I usually have a few stragglers. I mean there’s no point to keep up a design because i have 2 larges, or 1 extra small, so I just take it off of the site and throw it into a bin. This bin has grown quite a bit in 2 years. So once I finally got around to it, it was too insane. I need to figure out something else for it, plus I have absolutely NO shelf space. I’m not sure how, or when it’s going to happen, but it WILL happen…. Hopefully.”

A Poster From The New EZ Fall Line. Each Piece Will Be Unique In The Way They Are ‘Splattered’ And Be Very Limited. Here’s The ‘Before And After’ Of The Piece.

THEoDEAD:“Now that you have this massive line just days away, what is next for EZ? You’ve come so far this year, where do you hope to see the line 3, 6 months, even a year down the road?”

IKyle Crawford:“’ve already got ideas for the summer line. I’m trying to get everything situated idea wise for that. I’m just going to take it easy (GET IT) for the rest of the year.  I’m going to come out with a few things in january, nothing ground breaking or entirely new. Just some sweaters, some thermal and maybe a few other things. Going to start planning that in November, just waiting for garment samples to come in and then take it from there.”

THEoDEAD:“Okay, so you may not know this, but awhile back I started doing a little something something called “Bonus Feature” questions. Completely off topic questions, but you get three.”

THEoDEAD:“In the past you’ve done designs for “TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES”, wrestling, ect…I know you’re a big fan so I have to ask: will we ever see Kyle Crawford do a “STREET SHARKS” themed tee for Electric Zombie?”

Kyle Crawford:“They’re actually was one, but I wasn’t too into it, I think ruckus apparel or some crap printed it. maybe eventually. Street Sharks was okay, I honestly think I was just into them because TMNT was on a hiatus at that point, actually I think CBS just stopped playing cartoons all together.”

THEoDEAD:“If you HAD to watch a full season of either “LAGUNA BEACH” or “THE HILLS” which one would you choose? And suicide is NOT an option.”

Kyle Crawford:“I actually like(d) The Hills… it’s too bad it’s over. so no embarrassing or interesting, suicide filled answer here.”

THEoDEAD:“So far this year what is your favorite horror film that you have seen? Which one have you not gotten to see yet that you’re really looking forward to?”

Kyle Crawford:“I think it came out last year, but I didn’t get to see it until this year, but The Collector was really good, some loop holes, but still good none the less. I just picked up Frozen last week. Looking forward to watching that. There hasn’t been too many movies to come out this year, horror wise. I’m not one of those b-movie horror guys, or the independent type of guy. I guess if you had to compare it to the music scene, I’m more of a MAJOR LABEL type of horror movie fan. I think there’s just a bunch of shit out there, even in the independent market. There’s too much half assed, horrible cgi infested stuff coming out **cough cough my soul to take cough cough**

I’m hoping to see Resident Evil and Let Me In next week when I’m on vacation. Yea I suck and I look like a poser right now, but I don’t think there’s been anything ground breaking since SAW, or the first Scream. Horror was amazing in the 80’s early 90’s. I think it just progressively gets worse. In the early 2000’s we had the who done it, now we have these horrible vampire shows and the “Let’s see how much fucked up shit we can fit into 90 minutes instead of actually making something scary” or that “What can we remake”. Kind of sucks.”

I would like to take the time to thank Kyle very much for the interview. He is a fantastic success story and always a pleasure to interview. For those of you who are excited to check out the new line, Kyle will be doing a live video chat with fans on the release day (10/10/10 or this Sunday for those who aren’t keeping track) at 10:10 AM via UStream. This will be a very special event as a new piece will be released every 10 minutes and Kyle will be taking the time to answer YOUR questions all day long. I’ll be there as well joining in on the excitement, so be sure to check it out, and stay tuned here at Graphic Content as we bring you more interviews later this month.

Electric Zombie Behind the Scenes Fall – Winter 2010 from adam elmakias on Vimeo.



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