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The Gates Close On ‘Jurassic Park’ One More Time With Issue #5!

Even though “JURASSIC PARK” will be returning in January for more dino VS man action, the series will be going on a short hiatus after the fifth issue which drops today from IDW. However, if you go ahead and make the jump you can take a peek at a 5 page preview as well as another variant cover. Read on for the skinny!

WRITTEN BY: Bob Schreck
COVERS BY: Tom Yeates and William Stout

“It’s the grand finale as dinosaurs take to the streets rampaging and terrorizing the citizens of a small Texas town! Lex and Tim Murphy are reunited as her call for backup arrives just in the nick of time! But there’s always one wise guy that crashes the party uninvited! Cowboys and dinosaurs — what more could you ask for?”

“JURASSIC PARK” Issue #5 Is Available Now From IDW Publishing! (MSRP-$3.99)

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