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Vincent Price Takes Up Residence In ‘The House Of The Raven’ This January!

Next month Blue Water will be back with yet another thrilling installment in the “VINCENT PRICE PRESENTS” series, and this time the horror legend’s likeness will be used for an all new role! The book is titled “THE HOUSE OF THE RAVEN”, and beyond the break we have your first look inside the story with a 5 page preview as well as all the details! Read on for the skinny!

WRITTEN BY: Clay Griffith and Susan Griffith

“This is a role that Vincent Price was born to play, but didn’t, until now. Aubrey Pitt, is a 1930s magician/gentleman detective known as The Raven. He is a suave fixture of high society as a crime solver and occult expert. But the Raven is summoned to a mysterious meeting with a wicked old colleague where he is presented with a puzzle worthy of his extraordinary talents. If he fails to solve it, he dies. If he succeeds, he lives in misery. The House of the Raven is a sinister tale of mystery and magic, demons and cocktail parties, and lederhosen.”

“VINCENT PRICE PRESENTS: THE HOUSE OF THE RAVEN” Drops This January From Blue Water Comics! (MSRP-$3.99)



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