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OMFG Of The Day: The Sexiest Vampires You’ll Never See In Bad Press’ ‘Vampire Vixens – Wasted’ #7!

Not to be outdone by those of us here in the US, UK publisher Bad press has released a preview of one of their original horror titles called ‘VAMPIRE VIXENS – WASTED’. The seventh issue of the series looks to be not only one of the more stunningly illustrated titles we have seen in some while, but while we are reading things like ‘IRON SIEGE’ for our Nazi fix, the folks overseas are getting scantily clad vampire Nazi women! While you ponder a change of scenery, inside you can get a look at another variant cover and a preview. Read on for the skinny!

WRITTEN BY: The Emperor and Lex
LETTERS BY: Jim Campbell

“Featuring Vampire Vixens of the Wehrmacht, Smuggling Vacation, Tales
of the Old West, Rathead and Phlegm and more…”

“VAMPIRE VIXENS – WASTED” Issue #7 Drops Tomorrow In The UK From Bad Press!



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