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Phoebe’s Deadly Premonition Comes To Life In ‘Charmed’ Issue #6!

Fans of the now canceled WB/CW television show, “CHARMED”, will be happy to know that their favorite series about the sisterhood of 3 witches and their fantastic adventures will be continuing this week within the pages of Zenescope’s sixth issue of the monthly series. Inside you can check out a 4 page preview of the issue before it hits stores tomorrow. Read on for the skinny!

WRITTEN BY: Paul Ruditis
COVERS BY: David Seidman

“Morality Bites… Again.’ Almost a decade ago Phoebe Halliwell saw a future in which she was publicly burned at the stake for killing a mortal that murdered her friend. Now as the time approaches for her premonition to play itself out, what can she do, if anything, to stop it? Phoebe questions whether the events are destined to play out the way she saw them or if enough has changed to save both her friend’s life as well as her own.”

“CHARMED” Issue #6 Drops This Wednesday From Zenescope Publishing! (MSRP-$3.50)



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