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Zenescope Introduces Readers To ‘Brimestone’ This May!

Very rarely are we treated to a new series announcement from “WONDERLAND” and “THE WAKING” publishers Zenescope, but when Raven Gregory and the folks over at the Indie publisher DO announce something new it is usually worth your attention. Such is the case with the newly announced “BRIMESTONE”, which the publisher debuted today. The series is slated to begin this May, but if you read on you can get all the details and a first look at 2 covers for the first issue.

WRITTEN BY: Brian McCarthy and Michael Lent
COVERS BY: Ben Templesmith and Greg Horn.

“In the height of the Civil War, a mining company loses contact with Brimstone, the most valuable gold stake in the High Sierras. The desperate mining investors put together a collection of outlaws, killers and thieves to re-take Brimstone by any means necessary. But something terrifying awaits their arrival, and it’s hungry for human flesh. 28 Days Later Meets the Old West in this shocking and stylized new horror series from Zenescope Entertainment!”

“BRIMESTONE” Issue #1 Drops This May From Zenescope Publishing! (MSRP-$3.25)



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