'Fear Itself' Goes High Octane With Ghostrider In 'Hell. On Wheels'! - Bloody Disgusting!

‘Fear Itself’ Goes High Octane With Ghostrider In ‘Hell. On Wheels’!

If Marvel Comics is going to be bringing fans a horror drenched blockbuster story-line for their big Summer push, one could have only assumed that “GHOSTRIDER” would play a pivotal role. Today the publisher revealed some details on just what that role will be with an all new teaser image for “HELL. ON WHEELS”. There were no other details given on the title (or even if that is indeed the actual title of the series at all), but below you can check out a very cool money shot of the leather clad flame-head.

“FEAR ITSELF: HELL. ON WHEELS” Issue #1 Comes Your Way This June From Marvel Comics!