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OMFG Of The Day: ‘Let Me In’ Draws To A Close With ‘Crossroads’ Issue #4!

Dark Horse Comics did a surprisingly good job bringing fans of the Americanized remake of the Swedish masterpiece “LET THE RIGHT ONE IN” some new meat to chew on with the four issue “LET ME IN” story-arc written by scribe Marc Andreyko. The series, which corralled as much skepticism as the remake itself, admirably brought new life to the backstories of both Abby and her ‘uncle’, and inside you can check out the 4 page preview of the final issue. Read on for the skinny!

WRITTEN BY: Marc Andreyko
COLORS BY: Dave Stewart
COVERS BY: Sean Phillips

“Abby and Thomas fight desperately to protect Abby’s secret from someone who wants them dead, as their life in Wellsville, Indiana, goes up in flames! With plenty of blood on the ground already, and more innocent people threatened by the crossfire, one thing’s for sure: tonight’s a night this sleepy little town will never forget!”

“LET ME IN” Issue #4 Drops March 23rd From Dark Horse Comics! (MSRP-$3.99)



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