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C2E2 2011 Day 3: Christopher Mangun Talks Archaia’s ‘Feeding Ground’!

It is often times hard to take a glutted genre in a new direction, especially when it comes to the werewolf sub-genre. Though not as over populated as the zombie or vampire genres, the monster-by-moonlight spin is one that could desperately use some new life. Enter Christopher Mangun, co-creator of Archaia’s “FEEDING GROUND”. Chris was kind enough to sit down and talk about the series with us over the weekend, and inside you can check out the interview in its entirety. Read on for the skinny!

WRITTEN/CREATED BY: Swifty Lang, Michael Lapinski and Chris Mangun
WRITTEN BY: Swifty Lang
ILLUSTRATIONS BY: Michael Lapinski
COVERS BY: Michael Lapinski

“This new series is ripped right out of the real-life drama unfolding on the Mexico-Arizona border! FEEDING GROUND reaches a large and diverse audience no matter your personal point of view on the issue. In this factious story, a famine caused by Blackwell Industries drives Diego Busqueda, a noble “coyote,” to lead a band of Mexican border crossers across the unforgiving Devil’s Highway, a desert cursed with blistering days and deadly nights. Back home, Diego’s daughter Flaca discovers that something hungrier prowls the factory fields. Stalked and persecuted, can the Busqueda family maintain their dreams of immigration or will the horrors of the desert tear them apart?
Also included in each issue is 24 pages of bonus content in Spanish!”

A very special thanks to Christopher for doing the interview with us, and to Archaia for helping us set up all these interviews with their extremely talented and friendly crew all weekend. The first 4 issue of “FEEDING GROUND” are available NOW through Archaia’s Website, and the collected hardcover will be available later this year.



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