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WONDERCON 2011: Marvel Announces ‘Hulk Vs Dracula’ As Part Of ‘Fear Itself’!



Straight from the floor of Wondercon 2011, today news broke during the Marvel panel that the publisher will once again be handing the stake over to scribe Victor Gischler (“CURSE OF THE MUTANTS”) for another vampire laced story-line, this time as part of the upcoming “FEAR ITSELF” event, with “HULK VS DRACULA”!

“Matt Fraction and the whole FEAR ITSELF team teed us up perfectly, [so Hulk] was less tricky,” he alludes. “Vamps in this particular situation are hovering in a gray area. Such powerful creatures walking that line can be a tricky thing. You’re not going to see Dracula jump up and yell ‘We’ve got to save the citizens!’ He’s just not built that way.” – Victor Gischler (Per –Comic Book Movie.com)

The first book will be hitting stands this September, and below you can get all the details on the series as well as a look at the cover art.

WRITTEN BY: Victor Gischler

“Hulk is now one of the villainous Worthy so it’s time for him to smash his way through the Marvel Universe, but only one hero can stand in his way and it’s…Dracula?!

This is where Death of Dracula, Tomb of Dracula Presents: Throne of Blood and X-Men have all been leading, as Dracula and the mysterious Raizo (Throne of Blood) must put aside their millennia old feud to stop the Hulk from annihilating the entire vampire race! Because if they can’t stop Hulk, no one can! Acclaimed creators Victor Gischler and Ryan Stegman bring you one of the most important battles in FEAR ITSELF…and no one walks away unscathed.”

“FEAR ITSELF: HULK VS DRACULA” Drops This September From Marvel Comics!


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