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OMFG Of The Day: First Cover Art For Kirkman’s ‘The Walking Dead: Rise Of The Governor’ Hits The Net!

Fans of Robert Kirkman’s “THE WALKING DEAD” (And who isn’t) are all waiting on pins and needles for the second season of the smash-hit AMC television series based off of the scribes long-running monthly from Image Comics to debut this Halloween. The series has more than opened the flood-gates for the series, but Kirkman isn’t stopping there as he will also be moving the series into the world of prose with the first in a series of new novels based off of the world of “THE WALKING DEAD”, the first of which being “RISE OF THE GOVERNOR”. The book will not be hitting stores until September, but below you can check out a first look at the cover art for the book and get some additional details thanks to Entertainment Weekly.

Here Is An Excerpt From Entertainment Weekly…

“Co-penned by Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman and horror genre vet Jay Bonansinga, this first Walking Dead novel details the back story of the villainous Governor, who in the comic book version of Kirkman’s zombie saga rules the small town of Woodbury with an iron fist (and Kirkman fans will know that one fist is all he has left, thanks to the sword-wielding Michonne). The Rise of the Governor is the first of a three book series Kirkman will write for Thomas Dunne Books. All three novels will be set in the Walking Dead universe.”

The Full Article Can Be Read At Entertainment Weekly

“THE WALKING DEAD: RISE OF THE GOVERNOR” Hits Shelves September 27th! (MSRP – $24.99)



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