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GRAPHIC CONTENT PICK OF THE WEEK: Lonmonster – ‘Batman: Gates Of Gotham’ Issue #1

Both Snyder and Higgins are rising stars at DC comics. Snyder is most famous for being the creator/writer of the widely praised Vertigo imprint, American Vampire. Here, the two team up to explore the history of Gotham, where it all went wrong, and the origins of its grimy underbelly. Based on their previous works, Gates of Gotham should be a fresh and original Batman mystery with lots of hooks to keep you reading. Snyder and Higgins have held strong in order to keep the majority of the plotline secret (it is a mystery story after all). However, they have alluded to several thematic elements which they plan to explore throughout the five-issue run. Read on for the skinny…


WRITTEN BY: Scott Snyder and Kyle Higgins


PRICE: $2.99

“When a mystery as old as Gotham City itself surfaces, Batman assembles a team of his greatest detectives – including Red Robin, Owlman, I-Ching and others – to investigate this startling new enigma. As clues are discovered and the mystery deepens, Batman’s team soon finds itself on a journey that explores different eras in Gotham’s history and touches upon notable Gotham families including the Waynes, Kanes, and Elliotts. This miniseries spins out of recent events in the Batman titles and sets the stage for several exciting storylines in 2011. Additionally, this limited series touches upon mysterious story elements introduced in Grant Morrison’s RETURN OF BRUCE WAYNE. Featuring many exciting Batman Family guest stars!”

You can expect to see Gotham architecture like you’ve never seen before. Snyder has expressed that his intention is to make the city Gotham itself feel like a character; an entity with its own visage that changes along with the heroes of the time. As Dick Grayson begins to investigate a strange new case in the present he finds himself lost in the abyss that is Gotham’s past. Grayson assembles a team of Bat-sleuths to discover the connection between the past and the darkness that pervades in the present.

McCarthy, who worked on Nightwing a while back, took a short leave from the world of comics, and he’s now back better than ever. Based on the few preview pages available and the cover art for the five issues, McCarthy’s work looks astonishing and seems to fit with current trends in Bat-art. The cover for issue #1 offers a little tease at who the first villain in Gotham was, and from the looks of it, this villain is one we’ve never seen before.

Gotham’s history is something that has rarely been explored until this point, and perhaps this series will shed some light on the sordidness of Gotham’s present. So far, the covers alone have been enough to sell me on Gates of Gotham. However, what really cannot be passed up by any Batman fan is the chance to delve deep into the past of the darkest city in comics.

“BATMAN: GATES OF GOTHAM” Issue #1 Drops Wednesday, May 18th From DC Comics! (MSRP – $2.99)



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