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OMFG Of The Day: Skybound Working On Board Game Based Upon ‘The Walking Dead’!

As Robert Kirkman’s “THE WALKING DEAD” continues to grow exponentially in popularity due to the recent success of AMC’s small-screen adaptation of the horror drama, it is only natural that the series would begin to branch off into other forms of merchandising. So while you will have to wait a bit for those Slurpee cups, fans will be excited to know that publisher Skybound Entertainment has paired up with game developer Z-Man to bring them an all new board game based upon the monthly from Image Comics. The bad news is that you will have to wait awhile to actually PLAY the game, but below you can get all the details thanks to

Here’s An Excerpt From The Article Over At

“Hitting shelves in late summer, “The Walking Dead” board game will let you play as Rick, Andrea, and the rest of the “Walking Dead” cast as you fight off zombies, gather supplies, and simply try to survive in the series’ post-apocalyptic world. You can get your exclusive first look at the game’s box and promo art below, courtesy of Robert Kirkman’s Skybound Entertainment and publisher Z-Man Games.

“THE WALKING DEAD BOARD GAME” Hits Stores This Summer Thanks To Skybound Entertainment And Z-Man Games! (MSRP – $39.99, 1 – 6 Players)



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