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OMFG Of The Day: Official Japanese Trailer For ‘Blade’ Anime Hits The Net!

‘BLADE’ fans have had very little to be excited about in recent years. Not only has their favorite half vampire/half human been mostly M.I.A within the Marvel Uni (Unless you wish to count the “CURSE OF THE MUTANTS” ‘event’), but he has also been ridden firmly into the ground by an awful third ‘film’. Well, guess what, I almost have good news for you! The good news is that on July 1st Marvel will be debuting the first episode of their all new, bloody, violent, and just plain COOL looking “BLADE” anime series. The bad news is that there are no details on whether or not we will be seeing a US translation anytime soon. However, if you so choose you can make the jump and check out the all new teaser trailer for the series which hit the net today, as well as a handful of stills. Read on for the skinny…

“BLADE” The Animated Series Debuts On July 1st (In Japan) Thanks To Marvel Studios And Animax!



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