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Moonstone Announces The Next ‘Return To The Originals Event’ With ‘Domino Lady Vs The Mummy’!

Much like they did with “THE SHADOW” before it, this September independent publisher Moonstone will be continuing their “RETURN TO THE ORIGINALS” campaign with “DOMINO LADY VS THE MUMMY”. The throwback ish is still a ways away, but below we have all the advance details including the full cover art…

WRITTEN BY: Nancy Holder and Bobby Nash
ILLUSTRATIONS BY: Rock Baker and Jeff Austin
COVERS BY: Dan Brereton

“A Return of the Originals event! The Egyptian sorceress Nephthys has promised to build her mummified mistress the perfect mate. Together, they cut a bloody swath across 1930’s Hollywood in search of the last few perfect bodies to harvest to complete the process. The last thing Nepthys or the mummy expected to run across was The Domino Lady, a perfect body that fights back.”

“DOMINO LADY VS THE MUMMY” Hits Shelves October 11th From Moonstone Publishing! (MSRP – $3.99 Page Count – 40)



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