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For The Ladies: Ash Williams Goes Nude For ‘Danger Girl And The Army Of Darkness’ Issue #1!

I have never been able to run a preview for a book where the amount of variant and alternate covers out number the amount of actual pages, but leave it to Dynamite Entertainment’s “DANGER GIRL AND THE ARMY OF DARKNESS” to go and blow that entire thing to smithereens. Fortunately for us it is hard to hold anything against a story featuring Bruce Campbell’s likeness, especially when it is tied to the iconic Ash Williams. That said, beyond the break you can check out the 5 page preview and gratuitous amount of variant covers for the book before it hits shelves this Wednesday. Read on for the skinny… WRITTEN BY Andy Hartnell
COVERS BY: J. Scott Campbell, Paul Renaud, and Nick Bradshaw

“The crisis in South Africa escalates as Abbey and the Danger Girls try to track down the mysterious “Chosen One” depicted in the Book of the Dead. But with Ash suddenly fighting his own personal demons back at home, will he ever find a way to join the girls in their quest? Find out as the year’s most outrageous crossover event continues!”

“DANGER GIRL AND THE ARMY OF DARKNESS” Issue #2 Drops June 29th From Dynamite Entertainment! (MSRP – $3.99)



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